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#APictureSaysAThousandWords : Rural Maharashtra… A beautiful journey
Photography : Nature and beyond

#APictureSaysAThousandWords : Rural Maharashtra… A beautiful journey

#APictureSaysAThousandWords : Rural Maharashtra… A beautiful journey Took these snaps 3-4 years back during a trip to Rural Maharashtra for a research project, uploaded them write a blog post about the trip but never got around to publishing the post. Found it again today in the draft and was pleasantly surprised to go back to … Continue reading


I am back again…

Okay, I am again guilty of forgetting my promise of being regular here and went off the site for such a long time. Its been so many days, weeks and months that I actually forgot the password for the site 🙂 But now I am back again, hopefully more regular than before, no promises this time, … Continue reading