The Ten Things…

The 10 Things

  1.  Surprise regularly : Not in shockingly or negative way but positive and pleasant manner. If not every week, at least once in a month.
  2. Try something new every month : Be it new type of food, new place to visit, new kind of movies, new experiences, new friends, new habits, new exercise, new sports…Something new, something exciting and Everything with the family.
  3. Play with the kids : Every day, every weekend will be an outing, something or the other must happen every week.
  4. Read every day : One book to be finished every month – target of reading minimum 12 books in a year. We have lots of books in our home library, must read them one by one.
  5. Don’t bother about the future all the time : Rather plan short term and long term milestones and then work towards them.
  6. Hands-off  the household finance : Let the partner maintenance the household finance, will tell you my inputs and then you decide how to save money or invest the money that we save.
  7. Never lecture the kids :  Not all the time, yes we should just give proper example by doing the right things ourselves and let them be whatever they are, let them learn on their own.
  8. Don’t  pretend to be someone else : Will never hide anything from anyone, when we open up our soul why should we try to hide things from one another. Its wrong.
  9. Accept self; with all the faults : We will always be what we fundamentally are, can’t change it now or ever, but what we can do is try to be a better person, try to be happy inside and share that happiness outside. Do whatever we feel like, but within the limits of socially acceptable behavior, with moderation. 
  10. Religion is just a part of life, not the whole life in itself  : Like many other things in our life, is just a part of our life, its not the life itself. It doesn’t mean that just by being religious we can clean our soul. Try to limit it to the acceptable bare minimum. No need to give up one’s beliefs, but also should not be considered as Everything of life.



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