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Art Divine: Sacred Hindu History in Pop Art style illustrations by Sanjay Patel of Pixar Studio

Art Divine

Hindu Sacred History in Pop Art style illustrations by Sanjay Patel of Pixar Studio

If Pixar decides to make a movie based on Indian Mythologies, probably this is how people outside India   and those not familiar with sacred hindu history & Hindu religion will visualize the Indian God & Goddess.

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Vishnu, Ganesha, Kali, Shiva, Durga, Krishna, Surya, Laxmi, Buddha, Saraswati…  These are just some Hindu God & Goddess created by Sanjay Patel in his amazing style, based on Indian or  Hindu mythological characters

The impact of Animation movies, comic books is very strong among the kids & grown-ups alike. The audience for a well made animation movie or an interestingly designed comic book would be huge and hence they would have a bigger impact on the  awareness level of people and not the religious books which are actually restricted to a very specific set of people. The new-age tools of entertaining & engagement have the power to bring together people from across the world cutting across religious & geographical boundaries.

Stumbled upon a blog ( and saw interesting pop art version illustration of Indian Gods/ Goddess  by Sanjay Patel.

Sanjay Patel is an animator & storyboard artist for Pixar Animation Studios (, where he has worked on features that include Monsters, Inc., A Bugs Life; Toy Story 2; and The Incredibles. He has also worked on The Simpsons for Fox & with legendary cartoonist John K., creator of Ren and Stimpy. His website ( ) gives more detail about his three books published so far.

All three are available at Flipkart (–&_r=9jMjam7Xhti4cD_DQauQzw–&ref=4569454c-bd7f-4dc9-aa64-b838fb07bd4d as well as  at Amazon and other online shopping portals.


The illustration are truly stunning, I got the books from Flipkart &  not just me & wife, but our young kids as well as their Grandpa (who is an artist himself) just loved the breathtakingly beautiful illustration.

Every Night, we read out  different stories to our kids before they go to sleep. We were able to completed this version of Ramayana in just a week, one chapter a night! They loved it so much, looking at the illustration for a long time and discussion each and every detail from it. Reading the book with the illustrations was like watching a movie on Ramayana.

Kabir & Meera recognize the character as they are so nicely illustrated with finer details by Sanjay & they could easily related the pictures with the story. It also helped them in remember this remarkable Epic story, which is such an integral part of Indian culture. It is after all our history, for others it may be just a story.

Call it sacred hindu history or just a story, kids just love Ramayana & the character depicted in such a unique style by Sanjay.

Sita looks such a lovely combination of beauty & grace. Always smiling face of Hanuman (the most favorite god-cum-action hero for my son Kabir) and the other positive characters in the book. The use of different eye color to depict Good Vs Evil. Attention to detail to the character and the surrounding environment brings alive all the action.

  • Illustrations from Sanjay Patel’s book ‘The Big Poster Book of Hindu Deities’


15 thoughts on “Art Divine: Sacred Hindu History in Pop Art style illustrations by Sanjay Patel of Pixar Studio

  1. I am experiencing an issue with your rss feed . Don’t know why I am not able to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting identical rss problem? Anybody who knows kindly respond. Thanks

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    • Thanks.

      I have heard about the movie Sita sings the blues but haven’t seen it yet. I have not seen the movie and can not comment on the contents unless I see it. There was some controversy around it, Ramayana is a sacred Hindu scripture and taking artistic liberties with the matter of faith sometime creates conflicts.

      India is a predominantly Hindus country but the Hindus are always on the defensive. Faced foreign invasions for more than 1000 years – centuries of Muslim rule followed by centuries of British Colonial rule where the aggressors tried every trick in the book to convert and decimate the Hindu religion.

      Today India is a free democratic country, still a Hindu majority with a secular constitution and there is no distinction between any religion. Unlike US, and many other countries in the world where it would be difficult for a person born outside the country or from a religious minority to become head of State, India have had Prime Ministers and Presidents belonging to minority religion. The constitution allows complete freedom to follow all religion. Yet mocking of Hindu Gods, traditions, scriptures etc. is used as propaganda tool by many organizations which gets funding from West (Christianity) and Middle East (Islam). Any attempt to protest against this kind of mocking is promptly dubbed as Right Wing and beaten mercilessly into submission.

      Sorry for the long reply to your short comment 🙂 thanks for your visit and kind words.

      • Hi. I don’t know the story of the Ramayana that well, but the film didn’t appear to be mocking at all. There was an element of humor, but it didn’t appear to be showing disrespect or have any sense of propaganda. I was mostly referring to the animation style. Cheers.

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