Kids Don’t Lie

It is absolutely true that Kids don’t lie… Kids do to say the darnedest thing and that too with a straight face.

Its the innocence of their age which makes them believe they can say it all without the fear of the impact of the words. But as they grow and learn from their environment they start learning the magic of how to manipulate the words or the situations, to try and focus on what they want to believe, sometime it could be just their version of the truth, to get their way…

I’m sure the parents of young/growing up kids would understand what I am trying to hint at.

Our kids Meera (born: 2008) and Kabir(born: 2006) talk a lot.

Our kids Meera (born: 2008) and Kabir(born: 2006) talk a lot.

Yes  they do  say a lot of stuff which at times sounds very funny everyone just laugh uncontrollably, but at some other time it is really frustrating, specially when the situation is a bit tense or awkward. Sometime it just leaves us speechless with varying degree of emotion depending on the situation… Starting this page where I will try to update on the regular basis with the pearls of wisdom from our kids …

  • 11Jul’13 : Kabir, while we are coming back from a dinner “Sonia Gandhi is the Boss of the Government” (Sonia Gandhi, a dynastic politician, widow of an Ex. Prime Minister, daughter in law of  another, with hardly any qualification she seems to be running the government in India by proxy for last 9 years).
  • 12June’13 : Me at the Dinner table :”Some kids claim on a blog about outrageous treatment at a restaurant in Gurgaon, the restaurant in turn claims  guest didn’t wanted to pay for the  food and the whole #Lemp affair turned into a big social media outrage” (details here Meera : “Were you there to witness all this? How do you know its true?” Me : Meera are you planning to be a lawyer? Meera : “No”
  • 30th July’12 : Meera: “What is the meaning of Dhoka“. Mom: “When someone promises something but does not delivery”. Meera: “So mom it was a Dhoka when few days back you didn’t gave me candy after promising the same”
  • 20th June’12 : (A family discussion during dinner time) Me to kids “You should listen to your mom & dad”. Kabir – “Do you also listen to your mom & dad”. Me – “I don’t have mom & dad (they passed away a long time back). Kabir -“But mom’s mom & dad are also your mom & dad…”
  • 19th June’12 : Meera’s singing while we went out for a post diner walk in the park (I was a bit miffed with both Kabir & Meera for creating ruckus at home) “Phulon ka Taaron ka, sabka kehna hai…. Papa ko to hamesha gussa hi rehna hai…” (humming it in the lines of the famous Hare Rama Hare Krishna song)
  • 18th June’12 : Mom to Kabir “What do you want to do in your life?” Kabir – “Give me some options, then I will tell you what I want to be.”
  • 6th June’12 : Kabir, looking at the lily flowers blooming in our balcony “why does some flower have such nice smell and other don’t?”
  • 6th June’12 : Meera looking at Kabir’s Spiderman toy with a bike “Why there is a bike with this Spiderman toy, Spiderman doesn’t really needs a bike?”
  • 1st June’12 : Meera changing her Kada (Indian bracelet/bangle) from her left hand to right hand  “Now it is in my Right hand, earlier it was my wrong hand”
  • 31st May’12 : Kabir & Meera, outside a Cinema complex “Can we go for the rides instead of the movie, the movie will anyway come on one of the TV channels soon”
  • Kabir, after 30 minutes & a couple of fun rides “We can watch the movie in the cinema hall, just in case it doesn’t come on TV soon”
  • 23rd May’12 : Kabir to me when I asked him to translate the line “I am a Donkey” in Hindi” “No… I am going to be an ass by  translating this line and saying “Main Gadhaa hoon”
  • 21st May ’12 : Meera & Kabir grilling before going to bed

“Why are babies in mom;s stomach?” “What do they do there?” “Why God‘s idol in temple do not talk to us?” “Why are the temples in such hard to reach places like up in the hills?” “Why so many people keep going to the temple all the time?” “Why do river keep flowing?” ” Why cant we live near a river?”

  • 9th May’12: Meera’s question while waiting for the school busin the morning.
    • Why dogs do not go to school?
    • Why the sky is not green?
    • Why we don’t have beaks like birds?
    • Why is sun yellow
    • Why cant I see the eyes of the birds when they are flying?
    • Why all kids at the bus stop are not wearing the uniform like me?
  • 6th May’12: Meera before going to sleep starts singing Jan-Gana-Mana (India’s national anthem), sings the first few lines, then jumps to the last few words and ends the anthem after shouting a slogan  (who will save the country? We will , We will, We will) and then comes the golden words ‘Go To The Class…’ She considers the slogan as well as the command by the teacher to  ‘Go To The Class’ as parts of the national anthem’s lyric  🙂
  • 3rd May’12 : Meera (furious after coming back from school in the afternoon) “I had to carry such heavy weight and we didn’t even had the swimming class today, yeh bhi koi baat hai? (what is this)? She was referring to the tiny swimming costume that she had to carry additionally in her bag today 🙂
  • 3rd May ’12 : Kabir  (while getting ready for the school in the morning looking at the Jeans + T-Shirt ) “Our Ma’am in school says ‘Casual’ dress doesn’t mean ‘Party’ dress…”.

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