Hey People! I am not done yet… – 2016 : Year that won’t be forgotten in a hurry

Hey people, what were you thinking… I am not done yet…

Well not my words, it seems to be the 2016 which has proved to be the ultimate troll year of this century so far….

Princess Leia or the emoji queen @carrieffisher was the latest victim of this troll, she checked out yesterday; her dog @Gary_thedog is still tweeting…

Sitting here in the hospital, beside the man who too was an optimist supreme throughout his life, until a damn brain-stroke a couple of years back sucked the life out of him and left him to fight an impossible war against the demons of Alzheimer and dementia, I am evaluating all the reason to feel bad about 2016, how it can get even worst. To those who have virtually left him alone in this last battle of his life, I’d just say good luck and all the best, we all will fight a similar battle, sooner or later. Hell and Heaven are not the names of some exotic locations we check-in once we check-out from this planet, they are right here and we will get what we deserve before the final check-out.

There are 3 more days left and a lot can happen in these 72 hours,

I refuse to be defeated by negativity, lets home these 72 hours bring in better tides for all of us. We can do what we want, if we truly start believing… hey I am not going to start a preaching session here, lets just believe in our own self and the abilities that are there within all of us.

I am thankful to 2016 for a number of things, and I will be thankful to 2017 as well, just as I was thankful to 2015, 2014 and so on…

The year, or rather the circumstances that the year brought, helped me see the facts of matter as they really were, is a much more realistic way, without the emotional baggage. And helped me in taking the right calls at the appropriate time, help me see the real faces of some of the people who were hiding it behind the mask and also introduced me to some wonderful souls who may well become life-long friends.

We all have got our very own life to live, so lets try to live it the best way we can. Taking things in our stride, making lemonade when we get the lemon…

Okay let me just summarize what an extraordinary month December 2016 turned out to be, I got the opportunity to travel through 5 states across Eastern & Southern India, covering more than 10,000km distance (mostly air-travel, not a big deal in itself) meeting some wonderful people from extremely diverse background, and getting the opportunity to peak into their life for a brief moment.

Though the travel was strictly business and a super hectic schedule, there were not one but two personal benefits that came as quite a pleasant surprise. I am discounting the zig-zagging we did on the busy roads of Delhi NCR region and jump right into the part where a wonderful day started from looking at the rising sun on the banks of Hooghly river

  • In Kolkata, while looking for a quick dinner after a long day of work, while I stumbled upon a Cinnabon outlet, my friends hit a bigger jackpot in the form of an ATM without any queue, dispensing crisp currency notes. Yes, from us from Delhi NCR region, who were used to seeing long ATM queue/ cash-less ATMs, it was a huge surprise!
  • A couple of days later, at Guwahati, thought of trying our luck one more time after wonder North-Eastern meal at Delicacy. The three musketeers from Delhi NCR created a queue at the Guwahati ATM, attracting people to come and check why we were so excited withdrawing our own money.
  • Divine Hyderabadi Biryani, Veg one for me and even tastier chicken Biryani for my spice-immune native Hyderabadi friend at the Grant Hotel followed another round of cash withdrawal from the ATM installed just before the security check at Hyderabad Airport.
  • It was not in Andhra Pradesh but Karnataka that I learned the correct sequence of eating a proper Andhra meal at Nandini – Bangalore, but before that we had already withdrawn the money from a completely empty SBI ATM in the heart of Bangalore.
  • A bit tired of hectic travel schedule and eager to wrap up the work and head back home before the Christmas (more importantly better half’s birthday), I wasn’t having any expectations from the last communist bastion of India, down under in the God’s own country – Kochi/ Cochin, neither in terms of food delight – being a Vegetarian in the city known for its sea food) nor ATM (had already withdrawn more cash than what we had spent during the trip; using PayTM even to pay for the roadside tea!).


  • But Cochin too proved that we get what we seek. Those talking negatively – mostly the English language media in India in cahoot with the powerful western media & the relentlessly ranting pseudo-liberals on social media – find only negativity and bad news all the time. I have always been optimist supreme – how else could I have survived the 10 years of corrupt rule of Robota-Italian Mafia lady-Buddhu.
  • So once again a crowd-less SBI ATM was awaiting us on the ground floor of a busy office building. And on the way back from neighboring Thrissur I got the opportunity to taste a divine gift of nature called Nungu fruit (a variety of palm tree native to South-East Asia) – the taste is hard to explain, close to a tender coconut but unique in texture. It was truly an experience to enjoy this road-side delicacy.


PS: Was back at home from work at 5.45 today in the evening to spend some time with the kids before heading towards the hospital for the night shift… yes it is still a big deal for me and I am loving it.


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