2016: What a year it turned out to be…

So many things have happened in the last one month…

2016 is ending with a big bang… There are people still in shock (and may continue to remain in shock for next 4 – 8 years) on Mr. Donald Trump overcoming the challenge of Ms. Hilary Clinton to become the next President of the, so-called, most powerful country in the world – USA.

India is witnessing a kind of financial revolution and may end up becoming the most advance digital market in the world. One month of Demonetization is over, sure there are still queues at the Bank and ATMs, though reduced significantly in some cities where the Banks and local administration rose to the occasion and performed very to handle the rush. In North, more specifically Delhi NCR, things continue to remain bad. The chief ministers of both Delhi & UP have not really proved their worth since they were given the mandate to run the administration by people – complete lost their faces and with no chance in hell to come back to power again, they have become a problem in themselves, rather than offering solution to the problems of common men & women.

Beloved Amma, Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister J Jayalalitha passed away. By the way, her able command over administration was visible throughout the 75 days period she was in hospital and the smooth leadership transition that has happened post her death – no riots, immolation, destruction of property or general nuisance actually happened – though everyone was mentally prepared for that – maybe it was again a side effect of demonetization – political parties do not have money to hire goons right now. Even the professional stone-palters of Srinagar are sitting quietly inside their homes and the terrorist supporters are now converting themselves into tourism supporters J it’s a wonderful change of heart, for a change. Cho Ramaswamy too passed away, what an amazing personality he was, tallest of thought leader, fear-less and totally independent thinker… can’t think of anyone who would be able to fill the vacuum he has left behind.

So many accidents, incidences and breaking news things happened throughout the year. I don’t want this to be the end-of-the year write-up, hopefully I will be able to do that in the next 2 weeks before 2016 is officially over…

A month has passed for me too since starting on this new path on the journey of my profession career. And it has been a month full of surprises… some good, some bad, nothing ugly so far J … I continue to reach home so soon, first time in our married life me and Abha have the time for evening tea together or go out together in the market to buy milk/ vegetables or just snack on the roadside Gol-Gappas in our crowded neighborhood market. After years I am able to have dinner along with the Kids and also some family TV viewing time (My Kitchen Rules!). Have met with a nice bunch of people at the new place, all just as quirky as I am, especially my ethnography buddy – partner in crime for field-visits & insight gathering. Amazing that we are able to connect with some people so quickly while with others it is impossible to do so even after spending years together. We only stood in the Bank line once and at the ATM a couple of times, we are managing less-cash situation very well, moving most of our transactions to digital, have sufficient cash for petty expense to see through next 2-3 months, things will surely be back on track by then…

Have lots of work on the plate and it is going to get more and more hectic in the coming weeks and months, as we stretch ourselves across multiple product categories – it would involve extensive travel as well; so much needs to be done, and everything needs to be done right now and we have got to do it all ourselves; a little downer at this time of year when the kids are just gearing up for their Christmas/ Winter/ New year vacation – we may not be able to go for our annual holidays this time. Hectic travel plus not so good health condition of Abha’s dad means we would have to skip it this year. This was an annual ritual, we were able to keep up for many years now. More than me and the kids, it was a one-off yearly break for Abha from all the hassles of managing home and kids and me and everything else. My New Year resolution for 2017 would be to make it up to them as soon as I can…


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