The Smog; Money-Mania; Trump’s Triumph and the end of the first Week…


The rays of the sun are sieving through the window glass are falling on my work area, it feels good on the early winter November mornings and the greenery outside the windows is inspiring too, the people around me sound happy, the overall environment seems a lot more positive…

The smog, which has engulfed the whole of region after Deepawali, has almost vanished and it is back to the normal weather days, which we are so use to. The hot topic of discussion continue to the new 9/11 – here in India it is about the impact of 500 & 1000 Rupee currency note demonetization and across the globe people are still trying to adjust to the idea of a Trump Sarkar in USA. It is wonderful to have a contrary point of view on both these issues, just don’t try to prove that those not agreeing to you are fools and demons. The problem is the people who use to talk about tolerance, individual choice and equal rights for everyone are behaving like bad losers, cynical, doomsday predictor. They call themselves liberals, but lets call them pseudo liberals now, since they do not practice what they preach…

We have been honestly paying out taxes, keep our finance clean with money in the bank and no hoarding/ illegal/ illegitimate financial dealing of any kinds. All we had at our home of high denomination notes was Rs. 5000 (~75 US$) in kid’s piggy bank, Rs.20000 (~300 US$) at home for the petty expenses and emergency. We are in no hurry to get them converted into new currency notes, there is sufficient time to do that till Dec 30th. Most of our expenditure is online/ cards or mobile wallet, so we are truly not affected by this in a big way.

Oh yes, one more thing before I sign off, a full week has gone by, like the blink of an eye; Yes I am still reaching home by 6 in the evening (so it wasn’t a first day fluke), having dinner with the family at an appropriate time, and going for a post dinner walk. But after years of toiling on the road for hours, it will take some time to sink in. Its going to be a huge challenge to finish things up between 8:30 to 5:00 in the coming days, considering the huge amount of work that is staring at me, a number of projects to be kicked-off and quickly turned around, establishing systems & processes for my work accordingly to the existing systems of the organization and building a team, but I intend to maintain this new work-life balance henceforth…



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