Long time, no see…

Yes its been a such a long time since I  have posted anything here…

The last couple of years were really really hectic, hardly any time for anything. It felt like life was getting washed away with the current, I was only making small adjustment in terms of the speed at which I was flowing (mostly trying to move faster and faster all the time). The direction seems to be out of my control.

So it was time to take the control back into my hand and make some course correction. And I have made that decision.

I am back here, pausing for a moment, reflecting back on the life, the years that have gone by, thinking ahead of the future, the path that I have decided to take. Don’t know where it will lead me, I have never been bothered about the ultimate destination – its not the goal, its the journey which is most important for me. And I have always chosen the path which looks less travelled, less straight forward, more challenging, more exciting…

Lets get ready for another ride…


Hope to be more regular here once again (keeping my fingers crossed) 🙂


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