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#SpellBee 2015 : And the dream run continue…

#SpellBee 2015 : And the dream run continue…


Pyrrhuloxia and Scherenschnitte

Do you know the meaning of these words? Now please close your eyes and try to spell them correctly 🙂

These were the final two words which were nailed by Vanya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachalam to become the co-champion for the National SpellBee Competition 2015 – USA. 2nd year in a row we have two American kids of Indian origin declared as joint winner of the prestigious challenge watched -live on Television by millions – the nerdy kids’ super-bawl.

2015 spellingbee champions


Last year, in SpellBee 2014, Gokul, 14, from Chesterfield, Mo., finished in third place  — missing the word Kierkegaardian, relating to the Danish philosopher, according to St. Louis TV station KSDK — behind the first co-champions the spelling bee had had in 52 years. Now it’s had two winners two years in a row.

For some time now, American kids of Indian origin (mostly 2nd or 3rd generation of migrants from India, mostly southern part of India) of have been dominating the SpellBee championship. And they did it once again…  #Indian kids win/own #SpellBee. #Bee’12 : Not just the winner, No.2 and No.3 are also Indian Kids… #USA #Spelling #Championship

It does causes some concerns to some people – there are racial comments based on the ethnicity of the kids (India is so backward economically/ socially, there are gender biases, caste-ism, etc.) about parents pushing their kids too much (, the futility of a spelling contest.

These kids are american by birth (mostly), and would probably spend their whole life contributing towards the growth of United States of America. Hardly anyone of them would come back to India for work, even rarer would be the one who may decide to give up their US citizenship and return back to India permanently. So calling them Indian kids is a kind of misnomer. But yeah it does feel good to know that people of Indian origin are doing well across the globe.

Kids in India too are getting smarter, the drastic increase in the percentage of student passing the board exams and the extremely high cut-off list for the college admission is a reflection of that.

Still there are big challenge ahead, foremost is ensuring all kids get the opportunity to go to school. Better skills for the youth to make them employable is also critical. Hope the new education policy will take care of that.


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