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#WisdonTales 19May15 : Kalpa-Vriksa The Wishing Tree…

#WisdonTales 19May15 : Kalpa-Vriksha The Wishing Tree…

There was a poor man walking through the woods reflecting upon his many troubles.

He stopped to rest against a tree, he didn’t realize that it was Kalpa-Vriksha – a magical tree that would instantly grant the wishes of anyone who came in contact with it.

After resting there for a while, the man felt thirsty and wished there was some water nearby to quench his thirst. Instantly a pitcher filled with cool sweet water appeared in front of him. Shocked, he looked at the water, decided it was safe and drank it. Wonder about this miracle he decided to spend some more time resting there. Realizing he hadn’t eaten anything for long, he wished for something to eat. A wonderful meal with a variety of his favorite food items immediately appeared before him.

“My wishes are being granted,” he thought in disbelief. “Well, then I also wish for a home of my own,” he said out loud. A beautiful home appeared in the meadow before him. A huge smile crossed his face as he wished for wished for a beautiful, loving, intelligent woman to share his good fortune and take care of his house.  Looking at lovely wife, he realized that somehow been he’s been blessed with an incredible power and wished for several maids/ servants to take care of the house and make their life even more comfortable.

Relaxing in his comfortable home with his beautiful wife and surrounded by all the luxuries that life can offer, the man felt completely relaxed and blessed.

But suddenly some doubts crept in his mind.  “Wait a minute, this is ridiculous,” said the man to the woman. I have struggled all my life for even the most basic things and today I am getting every thing that I am wishing for without even lifting a finger.  “I’m not this lucky. This can’t happen to me.”

As he spoke…everything disappeared.

He shook his head and said, “I knew it, it was just a dream” then walked away cursing himself for wasting time over there and thinking about his many troubles.



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