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#WisdomTales : 15May15 : Open Mind Open New Doors

#WisdomTales : 15May15 : Open Mind Open New Doors

Long time ago, after spending long duration of time on battle fields fighting many wars, a warrior king decided to take a break.

As he was riding on his horse along with his best friend on a dusty road, suddenly a light rain came, that quickly passed. Then they saw a beautiful rainbow appear in the sky, which brought smiles on their face and they started following a less traveled path in the forest.

Eventually they came to where one side of the colorful arc touched down on the ground. It was right beside the road, where a monk was sitting below a blossoming plum tree. The two pulled their horses to a halt, in order to ask the monk some questions about the local area, when they noticed that there were tears streaming down his face, and yet he was smiling.

The King asked, “Why do you cry, friend?”

“Because you can finally see me,” answered the monk.

Rainbow and the Monk


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