#GuruUtsav is a threat but its okay to celebrate Nehru, Indira and Rajiv’s Birthdays as National days

#GuruUtsav is a threat but its okay to celebrate Nehru, Indira and Rajiv’s Birthdays as National days

PM Modi interacting with teachers on Eve of teachers day

So its is a blasphemous idea to call Children’s Day as Guru Utsav (literally meaning celebration of Teachers) because Guru & Utsav are Hindi/ Sanskrit words  and they reek of religious poison. And to top it, it is such a cruel thing by the Prime Minister to plan a speech to the school kids on 5th of September on the virtues of Teacher and Student relationship.

The India as the Leftist (who delude themselves as Secular/ Liberals) would like to see, a pity-educing nation where the ancient culture and tradition are looked down upon, where poverty of masses is a valuable tag to be maintained, where submission to aggressive foreign invasions of all kind is a virtue, is coming under serious threat.

#PMNaMo is  breaking the barriers, one at a time. He was not supposed to be the Prime Ministerial candidate on the first place, then he was not supposed to win the election, then he was not suppose to get the absolute majority in the parliament, then he was suppose to fail as a Prime Minister. But he is proving all his detractors wrong and it is hurting them real badly. So here we are outraging on such petty issues when the whole world is applauding Prime Minister Modi as statesman, the economy has started to look up once again, the people across country are feeling positive after a decade of utter negativity.

I have few questions in my mind for a very long time, for which I am searching for some enlightened answer from the apologist of Congress and Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty

  • Why do we celebrate Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru‘s birthday 14th of November as children’s day here in India?
    • What’s Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s link with the Children as a family man? Apart from producing a daughter through an unhappy marriage, neglecting his wife as she died as slowly, what has he done as a family man to deserve the title of Chacha Nehru?
    • Is it just blind dynasty worship that we have to engage in? Mahatma Gandhi being the Father of the Nation, his protege Jawahar Lal Nehru becomes the Uncle of the Nation, the Uncle’s daughter becomes the Daughter of the Nation. Her Italian daughter-in-law becomes the Daughter-in-law of the nation. And their kids became the Prince and Princess of the India, having first right to be the Prime Minister of the country. What foolishness is that? Are we living in a modern democratic country or being ruled by a 15th century Dynasty .
    • By the way, the universal children’s day actually falls on 20th November!
  • Why Indira Gandhi‘s birthday is celebrated as National Integration Day?
    • Yes she did played a part in disintegration of Pakistan, for which the Pakistani people will continue to hate us till eternity and it was her Congress Party which sowed the seeds of religious discord in Punjab to gain power in the state.
    • We all know how horribly it ended, not with the death of Indira Gandhi but the riots against innocent sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India post that and a decade of brutal operations in Punjab which set the most prosperous state in India, at least a few decades back in terms of development.
    • What exactly is her contribution in terms of Integration of India?
    • Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to associate National Integration Day with the true integrator of India – Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s birth? But no, that would be a sin since Mr. Patel was a Gujarati and Prime Minister Modi also comes from the same state.
  • Why do we need to observe Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday as Sadbhavana Divas?
    • WhatSadbhavana (Goodwill) did he earn on behalf of India that we should celebrate his birthday as such, apart from
      • a) Getting 100s of Indian soldiers killed in absolutely unnecessary intervention in Sri Lanka against LTTE (the Tamil terrorist outfit which was, by the way, supported and financed by Sh Rajiv Gandhi himself)  -> later on became the cause of his own untimely demise) or
      • b) Sucking up to Muslim fundamentalist by going against the Indian supreme court’s decision of giving Freedom to Indian Muslim Women -> then balancing it out by opening the door of controversial Ram Janma Bhumi Temple in Ayodhya to please the Hindus -> which later on resulted in the demolition of controversial structure on the temple site and a dispute which continue till date.


India is changing, and its changing very fast, the coming generations will questions, and a lot of those questions would be uncomfortable. Social media and Internet/ information revolution has changed the dynamics of how the narratives can be build. It is no longer possible to avoid the questions. People will seek the answers, the powerful may try their best to hide it but the Truth will Prevail.


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3 thoughts on “#GuruUtsav is a threat but its okay to celebrate Nehru, Indira and Rajiv’s Birthdays as National days

  1. Reblogged this on yuvaditya and commented:
    Left Cetric Views are plaguing India’s development narratives. Coteries of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty keep on harping the pseudo secular narrative in India through their all powerful Media friends. To a great extent, Media is by n large controlled by Vested Interests. This article raises some valid n Logical questions. However, pity though such voices are lost in the crowd rhetoric.. Must Read..

  2. A very thoughtful article….
    Especially the bit about Sardar Patel deserving to be honored for the National Integration Day. Even V.P. Menon deserves to be honored more than Indira Gandhi.

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