Lets #MODIfyIndia

Lets #MODIfyIndia

Its time for change, its time to MODIfy India.

The general election 2014 may prove to be a historical movement for India. The results, though in line with the expectations of most of those who are connected with the masses, were still a big surprise for the mainstream media (TV, Newspapers, Websites) and specially for the global media which is finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that they are not aligned to the thought process of majority of Indians.

Most of the English Media tribe in India, based in few metro cities, mainly in New Delhi and few at Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata – is generally disconnected from the masses, live an extremely contradictory life – travelling around the world in comfort, living a luxurious elite life themselves but preaching socialism to others; selling the Utopian dream to the masses by promising subsidized food, education, electricity, water, health, even entertainment; while drinking premium scotch and  chilling out in their private swimming pools, these guys rant and rave about the need to give Rights to Food, Rights to Job, Right to Education, etc. etc.  to the masses, and are blindly in love the Nehru Gandhi Dynasty leadership of Congress Party. Mind you they only wish to give Right, just give them leftover fish, they are not interested in teaching the masses how to fish.

16th of May will be marked as the historical day when India gained real freedom – it became Congress-Mukt – free from the clutches of Congress Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. When the finally tally of the votes was counted, it was clear that Indian population is overwhelmingly in support of Narendra Modi and BJP. First time in 30 years a single party has been able to get majority in the lower house of parliament (Lok Sabha) on its own. Its also first time in the history of independent India that any single party other than Congress has got the fully majority on its own. Its a huge achievement and it bodes well for Indian politics. Congress party, which ruled India through Nehru-Gandhi dynasty for more than 5 decade out of the 6 decades of Independence in 1947, is now reduced to a meager 44 numbers in the Lok Sabha – less than even 10% the strength of the lower house of Parliament, which means Congress does not even deserve to have the status of Leader of Opposition in the house.  BPJ led National Democratic Alliance has got 336 seats, BJP itself has got 282 seats, well over the half way mark of 272, which gives them the right to nominate their leader to stake claim as the Prime Minister of India for the next 5 years.

India Election Results 2014

The huge margin of victory for BJP also indicated that people want a stable government which can deliver on its promises, no one want to hear excuses anymore. The parliament is saffronized, now the India is waiting to be MODIfied. Mr. Narendra Modi was the unanimous choice of NDA and BJP, being the leader who was in the forefront of the fierce campaign which saw then achieve such a handsome win. The President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has now officially invited #PMNaMo to form the next government. On 26th May 2014, Mr. Narendra Modi will official become the 14th Prime Minister of India (excluding Mr. Gulzarilal Nanda who held the position of acting Prime Minister twice, for 13 days each time).

The Economist of the world are eating their own words now, look what they said before the election http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21600106-he-will-probably-become-indias-next-prime-minister-does-not-mean-he-should-be-can-anyone and after the election http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21602683-narendra-modis-amazing-victory-gives-india-its-best-chance-ever-prosperity-indias-strongman .

In the end they are the biggest losers, I stopped my subscription of The Economist because I found their sermon to Indian voters totally uncalled for. Their love for Congress and Nehru Gandhy Dynasty was just too much for me. The Economist is not alone actually, when it comes to journalists from global media covering India now we know that they only speak English and just regurgitate whatever they gather from India’s English media. India is a vast country and to really feel the pulse of the nation they will have to get out of their luxurious hotels in New Delhi, travel in the heat and dust, meet with the uncleaned masses and at least make some effort to understand the meaning of what they are saying without the using some biased left-leaning psuedo secular interlocutor. I know it is too much to expect from the #LazyJouros, let me give them a more convenient option, tract the Indian Social Media, try to hear the alternate voice where you may find the conversation going in the opposite direction from what would be the discourse of the Indian English Media (mainly the TV News Channels) – give some respect to the voices of dissent, try and understand the point of view of the people from small towns, various regions of India. These are the people who have roots in real India, they are the one connected with the real India.

Now that the new government is taking charge, we all expect things to start moving swiftly. BJP under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi had put down a good vision document in the shape of their election manifesto http://wp.me/pnx59-1FJ and I am sure the new government will start picking up the areas where it needs to move swiftly and the action on the ground will start as soon as the new government takes in New Delhi next week.

I am planning to add my two bit into the information ocean of the world wide web, attempting to inform the world about the changes as they happen in India and as I see the things changing around me. From 26th May 2014, the day Mr. Narendra Modi takes charge as Prime  Minister of India, I will regularly update the world about changes sweeping across India @ https://modifyingindia.wordpress.com

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