#PMNaMo : Dear Congress its not the Brand stupid, its Performance

 #PMNaMo : Dear Congress its not the Brand stupid, its the Performance

Lessons for Congress Party : Reinvent itself or Perish

As we were getting the kids ready for the school, I told them that the result of General Election of India are going to come today, Meera (5yr), while I was helping her with the shoes said nonchalantly “BJP is going to win” and Kabir (7yr) stopped eating his cereal and chipped in “MODI is going to WIN”.

I returned back after getting them on the School bus and my morning biking routine to freshen up, got ready for office, and then decided to have a look at how the results are looking.

The counting started at 0800 hours and by 11100 when I switched off the television and left for work India got completely MODIfied. In 3 hours I witnessed complete decimation of 100+ years old Congress party, I think we are privileged to be the witness to such an historic election in India. This is once in a lifetime kind of election. This is the situation at 1600 hours, BJP is all set for crossing the majority line of 272 on its own, Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India.

BJP all the Way

Experts are now running out of superlatives and there is nothing much I can say which has not been said by someone else already on this historic win of BJP and Narendra Modi. Its just a matter of time that we all will get used to the term #PMNaMo. Now that the results are out in the open and we know which direction majority of Indian population wants to go, it is pertinent to talk about an excuse which is being peddled by the media/ expert enjoying the corrupt Congress regime for last one decade.


I can understand that it is hard to accept the defeat, specially when it is handed out by someone who was hounded by powerful people continuously for 12 years – and a person who is not PLU (People Like Us for the English speaking Intellectuals of India) – He comes from a weak socio-economic background, is neither foreign educated nor prefers to speak in foreign languages.  And he is not timid or apologetic about himself or his background. He is proud to have risen from poor background, he is proud to be an Indian, and he is proud to be a Hindu. He does to pretend, nor he tries to be politically correct all the time. He wants his work to speak – he focuses on development – Social and Economic development. He believes all Indians are equal partners on this journey of growth and development. And he has a proven track record of good governance for 14 years, winning 3 elections back to back in the state of Gujarat and making Gujarat the most growth oriented state in India. Gujarat is number 1 state in India today where almost all people have basic facilities like Water, Electricity, Roads, Security and Economic prosperity – I know these are very basic facilities, but you know what, a majority of Indians (specially the one living in the rural areas) do not have even these basic facilities.

This win is meaningless if all of us here in India do not work together. I know that haters are going to hate, no matter what. But still I would request one more time to all those people with their eyes closed and heart filled with darkness to give #PMNaMo a chance… A chance to change the life of 1.25 billion Indians for better, for a better tomorrow for our kids. We owe it to our next generation.

Lets stay positive. 

Critics, mostly belonging to Leftist ideology who have enjoyed full benefits of Congress’s Nehru-Gandhi Dynastic policatics first said Modi will never be made the PM candidate by BJP, then they said he would never be accepted by anyone outside Gujarat, then they said he will never be able to become a PM. When it started to become clear that the next Prime Minister of India is going to be none other than Narendra Modi, rather than graciously conceding the defeat, they are now trying to focus more on the Brand Modi or what they call effective Branding and Marketing initiates by BJP to promote Narendra Modi. For them I have some news, guess what, Brand power is losing it even in the world of Marketing, they are living in a fools paradise if they keep believing that #PMNaMo won the election because of the Marketing initiative.  Hear this from a recent article I read on New York Times (I know these English speaking Indian only trust the global publications 🙂

Customer loyalty is declining and brands cannot solve it purely through marketing

  • Customer loyalty is disappearing in a hurry.
  • Consumers put less trust in brands and tend to switch brands a lot faster.
    • The famous 80/20 rule (20% of the customer’s account for 80% of the turnover) has turned into a 60/40 rule (40% of the customers generate 60% of the turnover) and is slowly evolving towards a 50/50 rule. In the latter case, loyal and disloyal customers generate the same amount of income. This shift is putting quite a few established marketing tactics in doubt.
  • The Brand paradox
    •  Apart from the odd exception, top brands aren’t able to retain their status as market leaders as long as they used to. A loyal customer base can melt away in 12 short months. Many of Nokia’s loyal customers switched to Apple and to Samsung and to Micromax without a second thought.
    • On the other hand, consumers do tend to attach themselves to certain brands. Research shows that consumers are prepared to commit to up to five brands as long as they provide a clear added value. Consumers have an emotional attachment to these brands. As a result, loyalty to these brands is almost self-evident.
  • Why customer loyalty is declining 
  1. Companies can’t keep up with rising consumer expectations.
    1. Declining customer loyalty has been an issue for most companies in spite of heavy investments in service improvement.
    2. Consumers don’t compare a company to where they were a year ago; rather, they compare companies to the ‘best-in-class’.
  2. Digitization makes everything transparent.
    1. The fast adoption of smart phones and tablets has further enhanced transparency.
    2. Today, more than half of the consumers use their mobile devices to compare prices while shopping.
    3. The online world has made price transparency very accessible, a trend that spells danger for any company out there.
  3. Focus on individual touch points instead of on the customer experience as a whole.
    1. Companies are divided into various departments, with every department being responsible for the customer’s experience of one specific aspect of the customer relationship.
    2. There’s hardly any contact between the sales and after sales departments
  4. No unique relevance to consumers.
    1. When customers are disloyal, they are really saying that a product or service was not relevant enough for them to remain a customer there.
    2. Too little thought is put into the role a brand has to play in consumers’ lives.
    3. The relationship is too rational in nature instead of emotional.
  • Today, consumers can read reams of research about whatever they want to buy.
    • In a world where consumers are oftentimes overwhelmed with information, the role a brand plays in people’s lives has become all the more important
    • For established brands, this is a nightmare. You can never coast on past performance—the percentage of brand-loyal car buyers has plummeted in the past twenty years—and the price premium that a recognized brand can charge has shrunk.\
    • If you’re making a better product, you can still charge more, but, if your product is much like that of your competitors, your price needs to be similar, too.

In USA, Hyundai has gone from being a joke to selling four million cars a year!!!

I believe in Democracy, and for a successful democracy it is a must to have healthy debates among different points of views. But where Congress has reached after these election is the truly shocking, it is there worst ever performance and they have no one else to blame but the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty which has dominated the party and the India for more than 6 decades now. My parents generation always voted for Congress, but its not the same Congress anymore which played a key role in India’s struggle for Independent. Congress today is identified with Dynastic Politics, Corruption, Crony Capitalism and utter lack of Governance or Accountability. Congress needs to reinvent itself otherwise it will perish, and this is a golden opportunity for them. What the Congress Party can learn to reinvent itself, apart from getting rid of Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty is

  •  Find your niche: Pick one or two things you are good at, and do them better than anyone else. Make it a priority to continue to improve upon those differentiators. Complacency is not an option.
  • Document your values: Write down and share your values with the general public. People like to engages with those that share they share similar values. Make a commitment to live by those values and consistently demonstrate them.
  • Be transparent: Be upfront about everything. Tell your story. When you mess up, apologize and publicly fix it. Explain how and why you do things the way you do.
  • Exceed expectations: People have really high expectations, so keep any promises you make. Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. When feasible, go above and beyond.
  • Communicate: Keep channels of communication open. Make it easy for customers to reach you and respond to them as quickly as possible.



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5 thoughts on “#PMNaMo : Dear Congress its not the Brand stupid, its Performance

  1. I was born in India and am living in the USA for many years. Your post today gave me goosebumps … really! I am so excited for this new turn my motherland will take with Narendra Modi at the helm. Jai Ho! Well written, by the way.

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