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The Gujarat Model… The Elephant in the room some do not want to see…

The Gujarat Model… The Elephant in the room some do not want to see…

‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and spiritual leader of India. Location unknown. Français : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), Guide politique et spirituel de l’Inde. Lieu inconnu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This makes sense for Narendra Modi, looking at the way Election result are being talked about in the Indian media and the grand old political party of India which controls the India Media and has been trying every trick in the books, and then some not part of any book, to stop the wave of change sweeping across India. Narendra Modi’s positive work was ignored  and he was ridiculed consistently for a decade in the Media and by his opponents across the political spectrum of India. They laughed at him and his party for projecting him as a national leader, saying nobody knows him outside Gujarat. Very soon, when started to unfold that not only people know him across India, they are actually appreciating his sensible message, an all out no-hold-barred fight broke out. He is being attacked left right and center, every word that he utters is taken out of context to malign him. Every action that he has taken is investigated with a fine microscope. Not just the Indian national media, even global publications forums are being utilized to attach Narender Modi and project him in negative light.

Despite the best efforts of people in power for a decade to crush him, the juggernaut of NaMo is gaining momentum every day, rolling across India at a fast pace. Just two weeks are remaining and we would know the result of General Elections in India. It would not be the end of a long and painful battle for Narender Modi against all odds, it would be the beginning of a crucial inning for him for India and its development.

3 years ago, around this time of the year, I travelled extensively in rural Gujarat and got first glimpse of how rural India can be transformed by positive leadership. As I interacted with the villagers, I also got to know that Good governance can be a better substitute of the wish for a magic or miracle.  What I knew about Narendra Modi till then was based on the relentless media bashing, positioned him as a hardcore facet of BJP, what I learned during the trip was about his administrative skills, honesty & integrity and leadership skills par excellence – the same got validated many times over through my interaction with people in various states across India in the following years. These were common people wishing to have a similar leader in their own state, helping them transform their life. This is what I saw in Gujarat and I was impressed.

  1. Best in Infrastructure
  2. Best in Electricity & Water distribution
  3. Best in adoption of innovative technology for agriculture growth
  4. Best in utilization of scare natural resources.
  5. Most empowered female population across India.
  6. People proud of heritage – Highly Patriotic
  7. Focus on education, specially for females
  8. More of civic sense then anywhere else in India
  9. Co- operative societies, Govt. agencies which actually work
  10. Safest place to be in India

My extensive travel in subsequent years made me realize that this is exactly what people across India want for their own city, town or village too… is it too tough a task to wish for such basics?

Just because the government in the last 10 years performed poorly and failed on each of these parameters, we should not stop hoping that they will always remain out of reach for majority of Indians. It is possible to provide all these things to each and every Indian. Here is what R Jagannathan wrote a few days back and I totally agree with him that its doable. There is a successful Gujarat Model and it is possible to replicate it across India.

  1. Gujarat model of development is business-friendly
  2. Balanced between Urban and Rural development – being business-friendly as well as agriculture-friendly.
  3. Despite being targeted a communal – There has not been a single riot in the last one decade and Gujarat has the lowest ‘Muslim rural poverty rate among all states of India’
  4. Gujarat model does not believe in doles and direct subsidies
  5. There is clearly a Modi model of governance, which has been an important ingredient for success. Gujarat model under Modi is not a pure capitalist model. It is pro-business, but retains elements of a strong state and public sector performance. One should call the Modi model as something that steers clear of right- and left- categorisations. Perhaps, the Gujarat model is the ideal form of mixed economy where both the state and business play their allotted roles, with the balance tilted in favour of growth and private business. It works.

Alexander rightly described India as the most amazing place in the to Selucus centuries ago. Everything that is true about India, equally opposite of the same also holds true. What Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi said during the Freedom Struggle of India against the British Colonial rule is being proven to be more accurate in reverse order for a certain Mr. Gandhi of today (not at all biologically related to the original Gandhi). Considered to be the heir-apparent just by the virtue of being the lucky sperm, the Mother and Son duo ruled the country by proxy for a decade, even Sister was treated as a princess and Brother-in-law milking the system too. The whole family and their sycophants started fighting Quixotically  with all those who criticized them – trying to fool the common people of India. But whenever the first family of India opened their mouth, people started laughing. Now people do not laugh at them, they have become completely irrelevant, every one has started ignoring the Prince completely. Oh yes I am talking about none other than Mr. Rahul Gandhi for whom the Mahatma Gandhi quote holds true in reverse ‘First, you Win, then you fight with everyone, people start laughing at you, and then they just ignore you’

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6 thoughts on “The Gujarat Model… The Elephant in the room some do not want to see…

    • Thank you, yeah lets keep our fingers crossed, one more week for election results and then the hard task of rebuilding the institutions & trust destroyed in last one decade missed opportunities.

      • Looking forward to the results now with some nervousness. So much is expected and hoped for in these elections that it feels the future of the country is at stake.

      • It truly is, specially for the young generation of India who lost out badly in the last one decade which should be considered as the decade of missed opportunities.

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