#Vote4India: The Time to Act is NOW…

#Vote4India: Time to Act is Now

Only 2 days are left to the start of most critical elections in Independent India’s short history. It is the duty of every Indian above 18 years of age to cast their vote.

And I am sure this time people, specially the large young population of India will vote decisively  for a change.

We have had enough of Lies and Damned lies of Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

We can not afford to let the country slip away. This election is the time to get rid of the rulers who have lied to us for decades and are responsible for the sad condition our country is in today.

Recently the depth of rot that the Congress Party led by Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty created in the country got exposed and we came to know that for 52 years these people fed us lies and we took it as gospel truth…

We all treated Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru as a national hero but it seems he was just as full of mortal shortcomings as any other politician today – he seems to have fallen from grace after more than 5 decades after his death, for his incompetence, lies and deceit when he was alive.

I believed what we all read/ heard throughout my life from our parents, expert analysts even the teachers in our school also told us about what a great deception China played on India by saying Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai (Indian – Chinese Brotherhood) publicly and then stabbing us on our back by declaring a war on us on 1962 and humiliating us in front of the whole world. This was the public discourse in India about the 1962 Indo-China war. And this public discourse made us highly doubtful of our neighbor – untrustworthy China.

Oh there were so many big words on how our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Jawarhar Lal Nehru felt anguished and heart broken on this betrayal. After all he believed himself to be the peace maker and was trying to become a global leader – starting such pious movements like Non-Alignment to counter the hegemony of Big Brothers like USA and USSR. There are endless list of institutions, roads and buildings names after him and his daughter (Indira Gandhi) and his grandson (Rajiv Gandhi) and even his grandson’s Italian wife (Sonia Maino nee Gandhi) and great grandchildren (Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi) across the nook and corners of India. How nice and simple it is that Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s daughter who was called Indira Priyadarshini before marriage became Indira Gandhi by marring a Parsi gentlemen Feroze Jehangir and now even her grand-daughter remains Priyanka Gandhi even after marrying Mr. Robert Vadra. How they are milking the Gandhi name is disgusting and shameful. We lived in an area called Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg in Delhi, the sport stadiums nearby are called Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium and Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, there is a world class University in Delhi having a huge beautiful campus, it is called Jawahar Lal Nehru University, there is one distance learning university also which is named Indira Gandhi National Open University.  The naming is not just limited to the new places created after Independence of India – even the creations of British Govt. pre 1947 are also shamelessly named after the Nehru Gandhi Dynasty – the iconic Connaught Place is now Rajiv Chowk. There is no city or town in India which does not have anything named after Nehru or Gandhi, such is the extent of their clever strategy of dominating the public domain. Anyone who is against the Nehru Gandhi dynasty is dubbed as anti-national, communal, against the idea of India.

So a great mythology was build around Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru, he is called Chacha Nehru (Uncle Nehru) and his date of birth is celebrated as Children’s Day across India.

The image that was cultivated so nicely for us fools was that he cried bitterly listening to a patriotic song sung by Lata Mangeshkar ‘Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo’ when India was humiliated by China in 1962 war. And that image was played up non stop since then to demonstrate to the people of India how hurt he was on the betrayal by Chinese Premier Mao – whom he considered as a good friend.

I have to admit it was a extremely crafty move. Firstly the gambled on the fact that China will not retaliate to their aggression – could be under the direction of some foreign power (remember the Cold war had started around this time and India had somewhat neutral position) or their own false bravado. If successful then it would have enhanced their image and they may have pushed China some more. Maybe it was just a test of China’s patience of how much they can provoke it. Then when the whole thing turned out to be a huge fiasco and with egg on their faces, they tried to portray themselves as innocent people who were betrayed by a crafty enemy. And they really managed to fool a lot of people (majority of Indians) for a very long time. 52 years is a huge amount of time, generations have changed over these 5 decades, hardly anyone is alive who knows the real truth of what really happened back then. The only report which was prepared after the debacle by the Army was kept hidden as a secret document which may have negative impact on the national security. Well the report was leaked by veteran Australian journalist Neville Maxwell who posted it on his website yesterday. A careful study of the 120+ pages report (partial, the full report is about 200 pages long)  which was available online yesterday for a few hours, before the site mysterious became unreachable, would reveal that its not the Indian national security which will have a negative impact by the report prepared by honest Indian Army investigating officers but on the carefully crafted image of Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru and thus impacting the image of his dynasty, shamelessly called Gandhi Family even though they have no biological connection whatsoever with one Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi. 

It appears now that it was the angel of peace Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru who was personally involved along with his bum-chums in initiating a aggressive policy towards China called Forward Policy which provoked the China into attacking and humiliating India. The provocation was done without basic preparation of defense of the country, the Indian army troop size was cut down in the previous 2-3 years by more than 25%, all they had were more than 2 decade old World War II left over weapons. For the armymen who died facing strong and well prepared Chinese forces, even the basic gear was missing  – the fought without any shoes in some of the most treacherous Himalayan regions.

It is truly mindbogglingly why the whole thing was done, the whole operation was illogical, ill-timed and had virtually not end-game benefit for India. Even if we would have won the war, there was nothing we could have gained. We were not evening fighting on behalf of the Tibetan Buddhist people led by Dalai Lama who had crossed over to India few years back. So there was not even any moral grounds to carry out this Don Quixote type exercise. Most of the people involved are dead by now, so we would never know the complete truth of the matter. The Dynasty has been successful in keeping the report hidden for 52 years and now we cant hold anyone responsible for the debacle. But I do hope that people of my generation who grew up with the lies would now try and learn the truth and at least now start questioning the wrongs of the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty. In the last 66+ years post the Independence of India, this Nehru – Gandhi Dynasty has been in power, directly or through proxies for more than 50 years. They consider this country as their own personal fiefdom. How else would they get away by claiming the Govt. subsidies as personal dole-outs for various communities and groups of people across India.

Despite the reverence shown by people all around me towards Nehru – Gandhi Dynasty, since I started having some idea about politics and governance, I was always little skeptical of their politics and specially their hunger for power. But I never doubted them on 1962 war. I thought of Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru as someone who did not take the Chinese threat seriously. Its only now that I realize how badly he screwed up India. And we have already made 3 members of this dynasty our Prime Minister, given them highest civilian national award possible ‘Bharat Ratna’, have their names etched in every city, town and village of India. Now I feel amazed that we celebrate the birthdays of these people as national festivals, there names are engraved all around us on public properties. I would like to see any proof of Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s love of family life and Children though there are many historical proofs of his romantic life, specifically with the wife of last British ruler of India Lady Mountbatten, while his legally wedded wife suffered silently and their only child (Indira) was raised in hostels. His daughter Indira Priyadarshini took the name of Gandhi surreptitiously after her marriage – though the family has no biological connection whatsoever with Mahatma Gandhi, but they have completely appropriated his legacy. Mahatma Gandhi too would be highly embarrassed of this scenario, he never promoted even his own children and here is a Dynasty which is using his name and fame to shamelessly fool the people of India for more than 5 decades.  The prime properties in New Delhi area are systematically grabbed by the Dynasty. Mr. Moti Lal Nehru, father of Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru, donated all his property for the cause of India’s freedom movement and left Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru without any asset, he would be die a 100 times of shame today if he comes know that his great-grand kids are the richest politicians in the world having assets worth billions of dollars. Where did all this money came from? They were not in any business, as politicians they were suppose to be engaged in public service. Along with the lost list of institutions that are named after Nehru – Gandhi Dynasty, there is an equally long list of corruption scandals associated with their names.  

I have no love or respect left for the Nehru – Gandhi Dynasty, I do not hate them, but I do hope that this time in 2014 general elections , we will be able to free ourselves of their evil tentacles. I do hope that the coming generations of Indian  get to know the truths beyond these smoke-screens created by Nehru Gandhi Dynasty.

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty


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