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Need the Right to Offend…

Need the Right to Offend…

Right to Offend

I read this and could not stop myself from commenting on it, but then realize that I may be intruding on someone’s personal space and there is no Right to Offend as of now, so decided to put it over here and just mention the link for those interested in a contrarian’s view.

I am totally against this Right culture that everybody has been going ga-ga over here in India… The corrupt rulers that we have just cant stop patting their own self-righteous back all the time for giving the people of India so many Rights, it works wonderfully well as a cover-up for their misdeeds.

Of course we the common people of India also love to talk about the Right to Information, Right to Education, Right to Food, Right to Work, but why stop here, lets also have Right to Travel, Right to Health, Right to Marriage, Right to Read, Right to Write, Write to surf the Net, Write to Party, Right to Love, Right to Sleep, Right to Drink, Right to Smoke, Right to Crib, Right to Gossip, Rights for everything, Right to Breath, Right to Live, Right to be Whatever I want to be….,

Also I personally would request to have a Right to Offend, to be able to say things which may offend others. Because it seems that unless the government passes a law and gives us lowly Indians a Right, we may not be able to even survive. Yeah we need Rights for everything – but what about our Duties? Why are we not talking about our Duties as well.

Isn’t this all getting so ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous I’d say, 67 years after independence and people still relive themselves in public, spit and throw garbage on the road with impunity. All of us are doing it, so if we all are doing it should be become an acceptable norm?

If I have just one magical wish, I would like each Indian to have a hygienic toilet in private and public places and no more human scavenging.

Don’t we have a the learning going back thousands of years, being one of the oldest living civilization of the world. Okay that may be irrelevant for many for social and religious reasons but don’t we have a constitution written by some brilliant set of people, led by Dr. B R Ambedkar, which treats everybody in India as equals and defines our rights and responsibility. Didn’t we read about it in our Social studies books while growing up – even if no one else told us about it.

I always new that I am free in this country to follow my dreams, as long as they do not trample upon the dreams, aspirations or life of other fellow citizens of our country. If so why are we creating these new whimsical set of rules and laws which provide nothing to the people they intended to empower but at the same time trample upon others who may not have a strong voice to create a ruckus.

Feel the need to help someone, really touching – we must all do our best when it comes to charity – but just follow two simple rules, first charity begins at home, it would not be cool to try and provide for even genuinely needy peoples while own spouse/ kids/ family member suffer at home. The rule number two is that your left hand should not know about the charity your right hand is doing. Keep it low key, only you and your consciousness should know about it – otherwise it is not charity but just a show-off. And it is this kind of show-off that I am really pissed off at. These Rights to blah blah blah are nothing but the insensitive government showing off, also showing us our place, that we, the people of India, are nothing, we can not survive without the dole-outs from the government. I really makes me angry.

Begging should be a crime, offering money to others just to keep our conscious clean should be a bigger crime. So you thought of offering some money someone you think is in the need of it, its just few bucks for you, hardly matters – but you are going to crippled that person for life, by making them dependent on the hand outs. Despite growing up in extremely tough circumstances , we survived without extending our hand in front of others, and I am glad for that, because it has given be something which all the money in the world can not buy – Self Respect.

Mother raised us alone as father had passed away when we were young, my elder brother could not go for higher studies because he had to start working early to support the family, I too started working as soon as I finished school, while continuing the higher education in college. As a kid I loved cycling, but we could not afford the small kiddy cycle, so I learned to ride the normal sized cycle which my brother and I used to ride to deliver milk in the neighborhood to earn some money for our family. I used to love reading books, but could not afford to buy them, so I started visiting the public libraries which exposed me to the wonderful world of literature from around the world, got into a habit of reading without damaging the books, which I feel so proud of even today. I feel proud of my family, not ashamed of it, and all of us the family members are so close to each other because of how we have survived together, we learned to share everything with each other – enjoy small joys of life together. Don’t feel I missed out on anything by not going for vacation or excursions as kid, I have such great memories of spending the summers/ holidays playing team sports with brother and sister and neighborhood friends, the early morning and evening long walks in the India Gate lawn and around Connaught place costed nothing at all, visit to historical places around Delhi didn’t cost a fortune, its so nostalgic to think about the walking through the small lanes and streets of Old Delhi all the way to the Delhi Public Library in front of old Delhi railway station.

My wife and me both work hard to live a respectable life and provide for our kids. Our situation is not too different from most of the people in this world. We too paid 7000+ for the books of our two kids last week, for the uniform we bought a set of summer uniform for the elder, younger one fits nicely into the elder’s last years uniform so that will do for the time being. We have bought the Indian Campus shoe from the market (cost half the price compare to the global premium branded one being sold in the school). Yeah the fees has to be paid for both in the coming week, we keep putting some money in a separate bank account for the annual/ quarterly fees of the kids.

We didn’t had a luxurious childhood, I studied in a Govt. aided school and my wife too studied in basic private school without much airs or frills. We traveled in public transports, there were also other students who were came in their personal vehicle, but we were equals when we entered the school gate. We carried our books in the same school bag for multiple years, while there were other kids who would always bring shiny brand new bags, but the lessons in the books were same for all us. We had one simple pair of leather shoe all through the year, there were kids who had many pairs of leather and sports shoes, but we were equals while playing games or just running around the school.

Apart from sending them to a school which we can afford and where we think they will be able to learn well there are very few luxuries we are able to provide to our kids (which we didn’t had while growing up) like buying them books regularly, taking them on vacation at least once in a year, or treating them to fast food/ joy rides on some festivals or special occasions.

We are doing all this because we have made the choice and we have to live with the consequences of our choice, if we are not able to afford it, too bad, we would not be able to do it, we’d have to look at the alternatives. Would never allow anyone else to pay for our kids expenditure. I am sure the kids would have a life of their own, with or without all the things we are providing for them. If we are able to carry out our duty as a parent correctly and able to inculcate the right value system in them, they would do just fine, they would not need all these Rights from the government or anyone else.

We will go no where with this culture of hand outs/ dole outs/ subsidies / Rights. Nothing comes for free, except for the god’s gift like air, water and love… but even these cost money now-a-days. Things will keep getting expensive all the time, the resources on this planet earth are limited, the population is growing at a very fast pace, things will keep getting scarce and limited to only those who would be able to afford. Its the natural law of nature – fittest survival. Is it immoral? Tell me how? Lets talk about practical solution not utopias…

RTI is not going to make this country corruption free – it will never be a substitute of Good Governance… it will only add up some more layers, make the corrupts more competent in carrying out their corrupt practices, and start a new business initiative for those middlemen who know how to milk the system and blackmail the corrupts. We do not need new laws in this country, we need strict adherence by everyone to the laws which are already existing in our constitution.

RTE is not going to improve our education system, it will never be the substitute of turning the govt. run schools into center of excellence. It only going to create a more complicated social problem of conflict among the kids of different background as they grow up.

RTF is not going to stop the problem of death by starvation and problem of malnutrition, it will not be a substitute of creating infrastructure to grow better quality and good quantity of food/ reduce wastage between farms and consumers.

RTW is not going to eliminate the problem of unemployment and underemployment in our country, it will never be a substitute of consistent double digit economic growth which creates more jobs for every one, reduces dependence on farms by majority of rural population.

But then who cares about these thoughts, in this wondrous land of ours everyone is happy to have all the Rights and no Responsibility…

Stephen Fry


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