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#DailyBookQute 04Jan14 : Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth

#DailyBookQuote : 4th January 2014

 Eckhart Tolle

–          Eckhart Tolle (February 16, 1948)

–          Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth

In this book, Tolle asserts that everyone can find the freedom and joy of life if they live in the present moment. It presents Tolle’s teachings in a quasi-Christian framework by citing the Bible multiple times. The book describes human dysfunction, selfishness, anxiety and the inhumanity we inflict on each other, as well as mankind’s failed attempts to find life meaning and purpose through material possessions and unhealthy relationships. It asserts that thoughts can have a powerful and beneficial effect on the healing process and puts forth a concept of evolutionary transformation of human consciousness which prompts the reader to participate in honest self-evaluation can lead to positive change.


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