Goodbye 2013; Welcome 2014…

Goodbye 2013; Welcome 2014…

How was your 2013? 

3 things you’d consider as your achievements for the year gone by?

What are 3 things you plan to do in 2014?

I love  to walk and I enjoy interesting conversations.Some of the most memorable conversations of my life have been during some long walks with my friends, wife and now my kids.

One such walk+talk, which became an annual ritual on new year eve, used to be with my friend Amar – we’d walk around Connaught Place, have Ice Cream at Nirula, talk about the the year gone by and make plans for the coming year.

Few years back I attended a workshop and a intense discussion with the trainer during a break inspired me to formally do this exercise of jotting down the plans for the year, categorized into different aspects of life, making a conscious effort to carry out the plans during the year and finally a self-evaluation as the year comes to an end.

While NaMo for PM @narendramodi become a new mantra for many Indians this year, it may be remembered as the year when Selfie became such a huge global phenomenon  – I was truly amazed to see everyone taking a snap of their own – from farmers in Indian villages to the mighty powerful premiers of the world – no one seems to able to resist the temptation of clicking own snap (this one from outer space by an astronaut is truly amazing). Selfie by Astronaut Mike Hopkins

Here is a a snap shot of what I planned for 2013, along with my self-review :-)…

goals 2013


  • Its evident that 2013, like most of the years of my life, was a mixed bag. I slipped on the health related targets and I can feel its impact, need to do better on this front in the coming year, specially as the years add on, need to be extra careful. I guess it was comparatively better on professional, spiritual/ social  and personal learning front. There is a need to do more on family front and I am fully aware of it hope to do better in the coming year.



goals 2014

  • Would appreciate any suggestion/ comment/ advice – it will help me become a better person.

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