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#DailyBookQuote 29Nov13 : Tales of H P Lovecraft

#DailyBookQuote : 29th November 2013

H P Lovecraft

 –          H P Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937)

–          Tales of H P Lovecraft

When he died in 1937, destitute, emotionally and physically ruined.  H P Lovecraft had no idea that he would come to be regarded as the godfather of the modern horror genre, nor that his work would influence an entire generation of writers, including Stephen King and Anne Rice. Combining the nineteenth-century gothic sensibility of Edgar Allan Poe with a daring internal vision, Lovecraft’s tales foretold a psychically troubled century to come.  Set in a meticulously described, historically grounded New England landscape, his harrowing stories explore the collapse of sanity beneath the weight of chaotic events.  Lovecraft’s universe is a frightening shadow world where reality and nightmare intertwine, and redemption can come only from below. In each of these tales, Lovecraft’s singular talents fused the supernatural and mundane into a terrifying complex, exquisitely realized vision.


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