Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 10 -The Knowledge of Divine Glories (Vibhooti Yoga)

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Bhagavad-Gīta-10-Vibhooti Yoga

Chapter 10 : The Knowledge of Divine Glories (Vibhooti Yoga)

In Chapter 10 of Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna reveal his own exalted position as the cause of all causes. Also specifying His special manifestations and opulence. Arjuna prays to the Lord to describe more of the opulence and the Lord describes those which are most prominent. Thus this chapter is entitled: The Knowledge of Divine Glories or Vibhooti Yoga.

  • Section-1 (Shloka 1-7)
  • Section-2 (Shloka 8-11)
  • Section-3 (Shloka 12-18)
    • Arjuna’s request for description of Glory of God and His power of yoga
  • Section-4 (Shloka 19-42)
    • Lord describes His Glory and His power of yoga


10.1 Shree Bhagwan said

Arjuna, hear once again My supreme word, which I shall speak to you, who loves me, out of solicitude for your welfare.

10.1 bhooya ev mahaabaaho shrinu me parmam vachah; yatteham priyamaanaaye vakhshyami hitkaamyayaa

10.2 Neither gods nor the great sages know the secret of my birth (i.e. My appearance in human or other garb out of mere sport); for I am the prime cause in all respects of gods as well as of great seers.

10.2 na me vidu h surganaah prabhavam na maharshayaah; ahmaaadirhi devaanaam maharsheenaam cha sarvashaah

10.3 He who knows Me in reality as birth less and without beginning, as the supreme Lord of the Universe, he, un deluded among men, is purged of all sins.

10.3 yo maamjamanaadim cha vetti lokamaheshvaram; asammooda sa martyeshu sarvapaapaih pramuchyate

10.4 Reason, right knowledge, unclouded understanding, forbearance, veracity, control over the senses and mind, joy and sorrow, evolution and dissolution, fear and fearlessness (cont)

10.4 bhudhdhirgyaanamassammoh khshamaa satyam damah shamah; sukham duhkham bhavo abhaaavo bhayam cha abhayamev cha

10.5  non violence, equanimity, contentment, austerity, charity, fame and obloquy, — these diverse traits of creatures emanate from Me alone.

10.5 ahimsaa samtaa tushtistapo daanam yasho ayashah; bhavanti bhavaa bhootaanaam mattaa aiva prithagvidhaah

10.6 The seven great seers, their four elders (Sanak and others), and the fourteen Manus or progenitors of mankind ( such as Svayambhuva and his successors), who are all devoted to Me, were born of My will; from them all these creatures in the world have descended.

10.6 maharshayah sapta poorve chatvaro manavastathaa; madbhaavaa maansaa jaataa yeshaam lok imaah prajaah

10.7 He who knows in reality this supreme divine glory and supernatural power of Mine gets established in Me through unfaltering devotion; of this there is no doubt.

10.7 aitaam vibhooti yogam cha mam yo vetti tattvataah; so-avikampen yogen yujyate naatra sanshayah

10.8 I am the source of all creation and every thing in the world moves because of Me; knowing thus the wise, full of devotion, constantly worship Me.

10.8 aham sarvasya prabhavo mattah sarvam pravartate; iti matvaa bhajante maam budhaa bhaavsaminvitaah

10.9 With their mind fixed on Me, and their lives surrendered to Me, enlightening one another about My greatness and speaking of Me,My devotees ever remain contented and take delight in Me.

10.9 machi-chitaa madgatpraanaa bhodhayantah parasparam; kathayantashcha maam nityam tushyanti cha ramanti cha

10.10 On those ever united through mediation with Me and worshipping Me with love, I confer that yoga of wisdom through which they come to Me.

10.10 teshaam satatyuktaanaam bhajtaam preetipoorvakam; dadaami bhudhdhiyogam tam yen maamupyan

10.11 In order to shower My grace on them I, dwelling in their heart, dispel the darkness born out of ignorance by the shining light of wisdom.

10.11 teshamevanukampaarthamahamagyanjam tamah; nashyaamyaatmabhavastho gyaandeepen bhaasvataa

10.12 Arjuna said

You are the transcendent External, the supreme Abode and the greatest purifier; all the seers speak of you as the eternal divine Purusha, the primal Deity, unborn and all-prevading.

10.12 Arjuna uvaach

param brahma param pavitram parmam bhavaan; purusham shaashvatam divaymaadidevamajam vibhum

10.13 Like wise speak the celestial sage Narada, the sages Asita and Devala and great sage Vyasa; and yourself too proclaim this to me.

10.13 aahustvaamrishayah sarve devarshinaardasatathaa; aasito devalo vyaasah svayam chaiva braveeshi me

10.14 Krishna, I believe as true all that You tell me, Lord, neither demons nor gods are aware of Your manifestations through sport.

10.14 sarvametadritam manye yanmaa vadsi keshva; na hi te bhagvanvyaktaim vidurdevaa na daanvaah

10.15 O creator of beings, O ruler of creatures, God of gods, the Lord of universe, O supreme Purusha,You alone know what You are by Yourself.

10.15 svayamevaatmnaatmaanam vet-th tvam purushotattama; bhootbhaavana bhootesha devadeva jagatpate

10.16 Therefore, You alone can describe in full Your divine glories, whereby You stand pervading all these worlds.

10.16 vaktumarhasyasheshanana divya hi aatmavibhootayah; yabhirvibhootibhirlokaanimaamastvam vyaapya tishthasi

10.17 O master of yoga, through what process of continuous meditation shall I know You ? And in what particular forms, O Lord, are You to be meditated upon by me ?

10.17 kathaam vidyamaham yogistvaam sadaa parichintyan

keshu keshu cha bhaveshu chintayo-asi bhagvanmayaa

10.18 Krishna, tell me once more in detail Your power of yoga, and Your glory; for I know no satiety in hearing Your nectar-like words.

10.18 vistarenaatmano yogam vibhootim cha janaardana; bhooyah kathaya triptirhi shrinvato naasti me-amritam


10.19 Shree Bhagwan said

Arjuna, now I shall tell you My conspicuous divine glories ;for there is no limit to My magnitude.

10.19 Shree Bhagwanovaach

hant te kathayishyaami divyaa hi aatmavibhootayah; pradhaanyatah kurushreshtha naastyanto vistarasya me

10.20 Arjuna, I am the universal self seated in the heart of all beings; so I alone am the beginning and middle and also the end of all beings.

10.20 ahamaatmaa gudaakesha sarvabhootaashayasthitah; ahamaadishcha madhyam cha bhootaanaamanta aiva cha

10.21 I am Vishnu among the twelve sons of Aditi, and the radiant Sun among the luminaries; I am the glow of Maruts ( the forty nine wind gods ), and the Moon among the stars.

10.21 aadityaanaamaham vishnujyotirshaam rvianshumaan; mareechmaarutaamasmi nakhshtraanaamaham shashi

10.22 Among the Vedas, I am the Samaveda; among the gods I am the Indra. Among the organs of perception I am the mind; and I am the consciousness (life-energy) in living beings.

10.22 vedaanaam saamvedo-asmi devaanaamasmi vaasavah; indryanaam manashchaasmi bhootanaamasmi chetanaa

10.23 Among the eleven Rudras (gods of destruction) I am Shiva. And among the Yakshas and Rakshasas, I am the lord of riches (Kubera). Among the eight Vasus I am the god of fire; and among the mountains I am Meru.

10.23 rudraanaam shankarashchaasmi vittesho yakhsharakhshasaam; vasunaam paavakashchaasmi meruh shikhirinaamaham

10.24 Among the priests Arjuna, know Me to be their chief, Brhaspati. Among warrior-chiefs, I am Skanda ( the generalissimo of gods ); and among the waters I am the ocean.

10.24 purodhasaam cha mukhyam maam vidhi paaratha brahaspatim; senaaninaamaham sakandah sarsaamasmi saagarah

10.25 Among the great seers I am Bhrigu; among words I am the sacred syllable OM. Among offerings I am the offering of Japa ( muttering of sacred formulas ); and among the immovables, the Himalayas.

10.25 maharshinaam bhriguraham giraamasmyekamakhsharam; yagyaanaam japayagyo-asmi sthaavaraanaam himalayah

10.26 Among all trees, I am the Ashvattha ( the holy fig tree ); among the celestial sages, Narada; among the gandharvas ( celestial musicians ), Chitratha, and among the sidhhas sage Kapila.

10.26 ashvatthah sarvavrikhaanaam devarshinaam cha naaradah; gandharvaanaam chitarathah siddhaanaam kapilomunih

10.27 Among horses know Me to be the celestial horse Uchaihshrava, begotten of the churning of the ocean along with nectar; among mighty elephants, Airavata (Indra’s elephant) and among men the king.

10.27 uchaihshravasamashvaanaam viddhi maamamritodbhavam; airaavatam gajendranaam naraanaam cha naraadhipam

10.28 Among weapons I am the thunderbolt; among cows I am the celestial cow Kaamdhenu (the cow of plenty ). I am the sexual desire which leads to procreation ( as enjoined by the scriptures); among serpents I am Vasuki.

10.28 aayudhaanaamaham vajram dhenunaamasmi kaamdhuk; prajanashchaasmi kandarpah sarpnaamasmi vaasukih

10.29 Among naagaas ( a special class of servants ), I am the serpent god Anantaa; and I am Varuna, the lord of aquatic creatures. Among the manes, I am Aryama, ( the head of pitras ); and among the rulers I am Yama ( the god of death ).

10.29 anantashchaasmi naagaanaam varunoyaadasaamaham; ptrinaamaryamaa chaasmi yamah sayamataamaham

10.30 Among the daityas I am the great devotee Prahlaad; and among reckoners, I am time.So among quadrupeds, I am the lion, and among birds, Garuda.

10.30 prahlaadashchaasmi daityaanaam kalah kalyataamahm; mrigaanaam cha mrigendro-aham vainaateyashcha pakhshinaam

10.31 Among purifiers I am the wind; among warriors I am shree Rama. Among fishes I am shark; and among streams I am Ganges.

10.31 pavanah pavataamasmi ramah shastrabhritaamaham; jhashaanaam makarashchaasmi strotasaamasmi jhanavi

10.32 Arjuna, I am the beginning and the middle and the end of all creations. Of sciences I am the science of soul, or metaphysics; in disputants I am the right type of reasoning.

10.32 sarganaamaadirantashcha madhyam chaivahaamarjuna; adhyaatmavidyaa vidyaanaam vadah pravadataamaham

10.33 Among the sounds represented by various letters I am ‘A’ ( the sound represented by the first letter of alphabet); of the different kinds of compounds in grammar, I am the copulating compound. I am verily the endless time, God); I am the sustainer of all, having My face on all sides.

10.33 akhsharaanaamakaaro-asmi dvandvah saamaasikasya cha; ahamevakhshyah kaalo dhaataaham vishvatomukhah

10.34 I am the all destroying Death that snatches all, the origin of all that shall be born. Among women I am Kirti, Shree, Vak, Smriti, Megha, Dhriti, and khshma ( the goddesses presiding over glory, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness, and forbearance respectively)

10.34 mrityuh sarvaharashchaahamubhavashcha bhavishyataam; kirtih shrivaakcha nareenaam smritimeghaa dhritih khshamaa

10.35 Likewise among the sruties that can be sung, I am the variety known as Brahatsama; while among the Vedic hymns I am the hymn known as Gayatri. Again, among the twelve months of Hindu calender,I am the month known as Margasirsa ( corresponding approximately to November ); (and) among the (six) seasons ( successively appearing in India in course of a year ) I am the vernal season.

10.35 brhtsaam tathaa saamnaam gaayatree chandasaamaham; maasaanaam margasheersho-ahamritunaam kusumaakarah

10.36 I am gambling among deceitful practices, and the glory of glorious. I am the victory of victorious, the resolve of resolute, and the goodness of good.

10.36 dyootam chchalayataamasmi tejastejasvinaamaham; jayo-asmi vyvasayo-asmi satvam satvataamaham

10.37 I am the Krishna among the Vrsnis, Arjuna among the sons of Pandu, Vyasa among the sages, and the sage Shukracharya among the wise.

10.37 vrinninaam vasudevo-asmi pandavaanaam dhananjayah; muneenaamapyahamvyaasah kaveenaamushnaa kavih

10.38 I am the subduing power in rulers; I am righteousness in those who seek to conquer. Of things to be kept secret, I am the custodian in the shape of reticence; and I am the wisdom of wise.

10.38 dando damyataamasmi neetirasmi jigeeshataam; maunam chaivaasmi guhyaanaam gyaanam gyaanavataamaham

10.39 Arjuna, I am even that which is the seed of all life. For there is no creature, moving or inert which exists without Me.

10.39 yach-chaapi sarvabhootaanaam beejam tadaham arjuna; na tadasti vinaa yatsyaanmayaa bhootam charaacharam

10.40 Arjuna, there is no limit to My divine manifestations. This is only brief description by Me of the extent of My glory.

10.40 naanto-asti mam divyaanaam vibhootinaam parantapa; esha tud-deshtaah prokto vibhutervistro mayaa

10.41 Every such being as is glorious, brilliant and powerful, know that to be a part manifestation of My glory.

10.41 yadyaadivibhootimatsatvam shreemadoorjitamaiva vaa; tat-tadevaavagachcha tvam mam tejo-anshasambhavam

10.42 Or what will you gain by knowing all this in detail, Arjuna, Suffice it to say that I stand holding this entire universe by a fraction of My yogic power.

10.42 athavaa bahunaiten kim gyaaten tvarjuna; vishtabhayaahamidam kritsanamekaanshen sthito jagat




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