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29 Tweets From A Fake United Airlines Account That Will Make You Laugh Yourself Silly

and the parody twitter account @unitedairlanes is now suspended…

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Sometimes the internet is a terrible, horrible place — world of 4chan and 2 Girls, 1 Cup — but other times the internet makes life worth living. This fake Twitter account from “United Airlanes” proves why the internet exists — to bring joy into our lives and make us laugh so hard our brains hurt. Some very clever person out there realized that IPhones were autocorrecting “airlines” to “airlanes” (for some reason) and set up an account to respond to all the tweets that were sent to the wrong United.

The account from Tumblr user “LeonsBuddyDave” has been active for years, but the internet started to take notice this week when certain tweets went viral. Although many were in on the joke, one customer got very offended when she thought her airline had responded to her complaint, “Count your blessings. At JFK, they throw knives.” When…

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