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Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 9 – Yoga of Sovereign Science and Sovereign Secret (Raaj Vidyaa Raaj Guhaam Yoga)

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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Yoga of Sovereign Science and Sovereign Secret : Raaj Vidyaa Raaj Guhaam Yoga

In chapter nine Lord Krishna reveals that the sovereign science and the sovereign secret. He explains how the entire material existence is created, pervaded, maintained and annihilated by His external energy and all beings are coming and going under His supervision. The subjects matters covered subsequently are primarily concerned with devotional service and the Lord Himself declares that these subject matters are most confidential. Thus this chapter is entitled: Yoga of Sovereign Science and Sovereign Secret

  • Section-1 (Shloka 1-6)
  • Section-2 (Shloka 7-10)
    • Origin of world
  • Section-3 (Shloka 11-15)
    • Condemnation of ‘demonical’ men and praise of devotees
  • Section-4 (Shloka 16-19)
    • God‘s glory
  • Section-5 (Shloka 20-25)
    • Difference between, Worship with motive and that of without motives
  • Section-6 (Shloka 26-34)
    • Nishkaam bhakti,its glory or the Glory of disinterested devotion


9.1 Shree Bhagwan said “To you, who are devoid of the carping spirit, I shall now unfold the most secret knowledge of Nirguna Brahma along with the knowledge of manifest Divinity, knowing which you will be free from the evil of worldly existence”

9.1 ShreeBhagwanovaach “idam tu te guhaatvam pravakhshyamayanusuyave

gyaanam vigyaan sahitam yajgyaatvaa mokhshyase-ashubhaat”

9.2 This knowledge ( of both the Nirguna and Saguna Brahma aspects of Divinity) is a sovereign science, a sovereign secret, supremely holy, most excellent, directly enjoyable, attended with virtue, very easy to practice and imperishable.

9.2 raaj-vidyaa raaj-guhaam pavitram-idam-uttamam; pratyakhshyaavaagamam dharmeyam sasukham kurtum-avyayam

9.3 Arjuna people having no faith in this Dharma ,failing to reach Me, revolve in the path of the world of death.

9.3 ashraddhaanaah purushaa dharmasyaasya parantapa; apraapya maam nivartante mrityu-sansaar-vartmani

9.4 The whole of this universe is permeated by Me as un manifest Divinity, and all being rest on the idea within Me. Therefore, really speaking, I am not present in them.

9.4 mayaa tatam-idam sarvam jagadavyakta-murtinaa; matathaani sarva-bhootaani na chaaham teshva-vasthitah

9.5 Nay, all those beings abide not in Me; but behold the wonderful power of My divine yoga; though the Sustainer and Creator of beings, My self in reality dwells not in those beings.

9.5 na cha matasthaani bhootaani pashya me yogam-aishvaram; bhootbhrinna cha bhootastho mamaatmaa bhoot-bhaavanaah

9.6 Just as the extensive air, which is moving everywhere, ( being born of ether) ever remains in ether, likewise know that all beings ( who have originated from My thought ) abide in Me.

9.6 yathaakaash-sthito nityam vaayu sarvatrago mahaan; tathaa sarvaani bhootani matasthaaneetyupdhaarya

9.7 Arjuna, during the final dissolution all beings enter My prakriti ( the prime cause ), and at the beginning of creation, I send them forth again.

9.7 sarva-bhootaani kauntey praakritam yanti mamikaam; kalpakhshaye punastani kalpaadau visarjamyaham

9.8 Wielding My nature I release, again and again ( according to their respective karma ) all this multitude of beings subject to influence of their own nature

9.8 prakritam svamavashtabhya visrijami punah punah; bhootgraamam-imam kritsanam-avasham prakiter-vashaat

9.9 Arjuna, those actions, however, do not bind Me, unattached as I am to such actions and standing apart as it were.

9.9 na cha maam tani karmaani nibhadananti dhananjaya; udaseenvadaaseenam-asaktam teshu karmasu

9.10 Arjuna, with Me as the supervisor, Nature brings forth the whole creation ,consisting of both sentient and insentient beings; it is due to this cause that the wheel of ‘sansara’ is going around.

9.10 mayaadhyakhshyen prakritih sooyate sacharaacharam; hetunaanen kauntey jagadviparivartate

9.11 Fools not knowing My supreme nature, think low of Me, the Overlord of the entire creation, who has put on the human semblance. (That is to say, they take Me, who has appeared in the human garb through My Yogmaya for the deliverance of the world, for an ordinary mortal.

9.11 avjaananti maam mooda maanusheem tanumaashritam; param bhaavam-ajaananto mam bhoot-maheshvaram

9.12 Those bewildered persons with vain hopes, futile actions and fruitless knowledge have embraced a fiendish, demoniacal and delusive nature.

9.12 moghaashaa moghakarmano moghgyaanaa vichetasah; raakhshaseemaasureem chaiv prakritam mohineem shritaah

9.13 On the other hand, Arjuna, great souls who have embraced the divine nature, knowing Me as the prime source of all lives and the imperishable eternal, worship Me constantly with none else in mind.

9.13 mahaatamanastu maam paaratha daiveem prakritamaashritaah; bhajanty-ananya-manso gyaatva bhootaadim-avayayam

9.14 Constantly chanting M y names and glories and striving for My realization, and bowing again and again to Me, those devotees of firm resolve, ever united with Me through meditation, worship Me with single-minded devotion.

9.14 satatam keertyanto maam yantantashcha dridavrataah; namasyantashchah maam bhaktya nitya-yuktaa upaaste

9.15 Others ( who follow the path of knowledge ) betake themselves to me through their offering of knowledge, worshipping Me ( in My absolute, formless aspect) as one with themselves; while still others worship Me in My Universal Form in many ways , taking Me to be diverse in diverse celestial forms.

9.15 gyaan yagyen chapyanye yajanto maamupaste; ekatven prithkatven bahudhaa vishvatomukham

9.16 I am the Vedic ritual, I am the sacrifice, I am the offering to the departed; I am the herbage and the food grains; I am the sacred formulae, I am the clarified butter, I am the sacred fire, and I am verily the act of offering oblations into the fire.

9.16 aham krutaraham yagyah svadhaahamahamaushadham; mantro-ahamahamevaajyamahamagniraham hutam

9.17 I am the sustainer and ruler of this universe, its father mother and grandfather, the one worth knowing, the purifier, the sacred syllable OM, and three Vedas– Rik, Yajur, and Sam.

9.17 aham krutaraham yagyah svadhaahamahamaushadham; mantro-ahamahamevaajyamahamagniraham hutam

9.18 I am the supreme goal, supporter, lord, witness, abode, refuge, well-wisher seeking no return, origin and end, resting place store-house ( to which all beings return at the time of universal destruction ), and imperishable seed.

9.18 aham krutaraham yagyah svadhaahamahamaushadham; mantro-ahamahamevaajyamahamagniraham hutam

9.19 I radiate heat as the sun, and hold back as well as send back showers, Arjuna. I am immortality as well as death; even so, I am being and non-being both.

9.19 tapaamyahamaham varsham nigrahaamyutsrijaami cha; amritam chaiva mrityushch sadsach-chaahamarjuna

9.20 Those who perform action with some interested motive as laid in these three Vedas and drink the sap of soma plant, and have thus been purged of sin, worshipping Me through sacrifices, seek access to heaven; attaining Indra’s paradise as the result of their virtuous deeds, they enjoy the celestial pleasures of gods in heaven.

9.20 traividyaa maam sompaah pootapaapaaa yagyairishtva svargatim praarthayante; te punyamaasaadya surendraloka- mashnanti divyaandivi devbhogaan

9.21 Having enjoyed the extensive heaven-world, they return to this world of mortals on the stock of their merits being exhausted. Thus devoted to the ritual with interested motive recommended by the three Vedas ( as the means of attaining heavenly bliss),and seeking worldly enjoyments, they repeatedly come and go ( i.e., ascend to heavens by virtue of their merits and return to earth when their fruit has been enjoyed).

9.21 te tama bhuktavaa svargalokam vishaalam khsheene punye martylokam vishanti; aivam tryeedharmamanuprapanna gataagatam kaamakaamaa labhante

9.22 The devotees, however, who loving no one else constantly think of Me, and worship Me in a disinterested spirit, to those ever united in thought with Me, I bring full security and personally attend to their needs.

9.22 ananyaashchintayanto maam ye janaah paryupaaste; teshaam nityaabhiyuktaanaam yogakhshemam vahaamyam

9.23 Arjuna, even those devotees who, endowed with faith, worship other gods ( with some interested motive ) worship Me alone, though with a mistaken approach.

9.23 ye-apyanyadevtaa bhaktaa yajante shraddhyaaanvitaah; te-api maamev kauntey yajantyavidhipurvakam

9.24 For I am the enjoyer and also the lord of all sacrifices; but they know Me not in reality ( as the Supreme Deity ), hence they fall (i.e., return to life on earth

9.24 aham hi sarvayagyaanaam bhoktaa cha prabhureva cha; na tu maamabhijaananti tatvenaatashchyavanti te

9.25 Those who are vowed to gods go to gods; those who are vowed to manes reach manes; those who adore the spirits reach the spirits and those who worship Me come to Me alone. (That is why my devotees are no longer subject to birth and death.)

9.25 yaanti dev-vrataa devaanpitranyaanti pitravrataah; bhootani yaanti bhootejyaa yaanti madyaajinopi maam

9.26 Whosoever offers to Me with love a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water, I appear in person before that disinterested devotee of sinless mind, and delightfully partake of that article offered by him with love.

9.26 patram pushpam phalam toyam yo me bhaktayaa prayach-chati; tadaham bhaktyuprihatamashnami pryataatmanaah

9.27 Arjuna, whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer as oblation to sacred fire, whatever you bestow as a gift, whatever you do by way of penance, offer it all to Me.

9.27 yatkaroshi yadashnaasi yajjuhoshi dadaasi yat; yattapasaysi kaunteya tatkurushva madarpanam

9.28 With your mind thus established in yoga of renunciation ( offering of all actions to Me ), you will be freed from the bonds of Karma in the shape of good and evil consequences; and freed from them, you will attain Me.

9.28 shubhaashubhphalairevam mokhshyse karmabandhanaih; sannyaasayogayuktaatma vimukto maamupaishyasi

9.29 I am equally present in all beings; there is none hateful or dear to Me. They, however, who devoutly worship Me abide in Me; and I too stand revealed in them.

9.29 sammoham sarvabhooteshu na me dveshyo-asti na priyah; ye bhajanti tu maam bhaktyaa mayi te teshu chaapyaham

9.30 Even if the vilest sinner worships Me with exclusive devotion, he should be accounted as a saint; for he has rightly resolved. ( He is positive in his belief that there is nothing like devoted worship of God)

9.30 api chetsuduraachaaro bhajate maamananyabhaak; saadhureva sa mantavyah samyagvyavasito hi sa

9.31 Speedily he becomes virtuous and secures lasting peace. Know for certain, Arjuna, My devotee never falls.

9.31 khripam bhavati dharamaatmaa shashvach-chchaantim nigach-chchati

kaunteya prati janeehi na me bhaktah pranashyati

9.32 Arjuna, women, Vaisyas ( members of the trading and the agriculturist classes ),Sudras (those belonging to artisan and laboring classes ), as well as those of vile birth ( such as pariah ), whoever they may be, taking refuge in Me they too attain the supreme goal.

9.32 maam hi paaratha vypaashritya ye-api syuh paapayonayah; striyo vaishyaastathaa shoodraaste-api yaanti paraama gatim

9.33 How much more, then, holy Brahmans and royal sages devoted to Me ! Therefore, having obtained this joyless and transient human life, constantly worship Me.

9.33 kim punarbrahmanaah punyaa bhaktaa raajarshyastathaa; anityamasukham lokamimam praapya bhajasva maam

9.34 Fix your mind on Me, be devoted to me, worship Me and make obeisance to Me; thus linking your self with Me and entirely depending on Me, you shall come to Me.

9.34 manmanaa bhava madbhakto madyaajee maam namaskuru; maamevaishyasi yuktavaivamaatmaanam matparaayanah


Thus in the Upanishad sung by the Lord, the Science of Brahma, the scripture of Yoga, the dialogue between Shree Krishna and Arjuna, ends the ninth chapter entitled “The Yoga of Sovereign Science and Sovereign Secret”


om tat-sat-iti shree-mad-bhagwat-geetasupnishatsu

brahm-vidyaayaam yog-shastre



naam navamo adhyayh



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