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The World’s Poorest President


Sometimes I just find stories inspiring. This is one.

Jose Mujica is the President of Uruguay. I don’t know all his policies. I doubt I would agree with everything he stands for – he would be the first politician ever to achieve that trick.

But what I’m inspired by is that this president doesn’t live in the kind of luxury house assigned for Uruguay’s leaders. He lives on a run-down farm – owned by his wife – and gives away 90% of his monthly salary to charity. His income is effectively the same as an average person in Uruguay.

You may recall my anger when Iain Duncan Smith made his idiotic statement a few months back about how easy it is to live on 50 quid a week. There I shared just how ‘fabulously wealthy’ the UK politicians are and, therefore, how equally fabulously out of touch they are as a…

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