Its a small interconnected world… Finding John Young

Its a small world really, and interesting things happen around us every now and then.

I came across this in a book I picked up recently from a second hand book seller in Delhi.

WP_000198 (2)

This little piece of paper is a boarding pass of John Young, who took a flight with Flybe, a low cost British airlines, to traveled from New Castle to East Devon in England on 23rd June 2010 at 14:10. Flybe is offering tickets for this 50 minute short distance route from 80 to 100 pound sterling.

John may have picked up John Grisham‘s ‘Ford Country at ‘Newcastle  International airport or it may have been with him when he arrived there to catch is flight. It was a recently released collection of short stories by  John Grisham. He might have used the boarding pass as a book mark where I found it when I reached the 5th story of the collection titled ‘Casino’ on Page 140.

Few minutes on Google led to the information I shared above. Its a glimpse of what to expect in the future, or what is actually happening with our personal information in the online word even today. Every moment we are being tracked and are leaving behind traces of our action which anyone can easily pick-up to reconstruct the whole scenario.

I have finished reading the book and given it to a friend to read, but am am holding on to the boarding pass and using it as a book mark, in case Mr. John Young would like to get it back :-)…



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