Increasing number of farmer’s suicide in India: Do not remain neutral…




“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”  ― Dante AlighieriInferno

Farmer's suicide in Mahrashtra - India

I do not claim to know all the reasons, I do not want to blame anyone. But innocent life have been lost, and there has to be some reasons. There has to be a solution to at least stop it and avoid its re-occurrence in the future.  Again it is time for the famous David Vs the Goliath battle… so pick you you side wisely, one can not not keep a neutral stance such a burning issue. The solution has to be found. This can never be business as usual. Some is is profiting from it all. And sadly its can not be brushed away as a matter of Free Choice. No one can be left along to choose death and destruction. 



    • It is really sad. At a bigger policy level, sustainable development is the only answer. We can keep our eyes shut from the misery of others thinking that it will never happen to us, or we can learn from these tragedies and do things at our own level to avoid their re-occurrence. One big answer to the problem of food shortage is avoidance of food wastage, this much we all can do at our own personal level.

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    Here’s more information related to the suicides that are occurring in India due to the presence of the giant agribusiness MONSANTO!! It’s just not right … can’t just say “It is what it is” … something needs to be done!!!

  2. The value system we endorse places a premium on the generation of capital. Even at the lowest level of our society and through the middle class it’s not what you are, but how much money you have that determines status. People with little or no money or ability to create it are looked upon with condescension. And it is not difficult to recognize the similar condescension of the population of the third world. This perspective also dominates the views and policies of the western governments and is epitomized in corporate culture.
    Few in the developed countries truly admire the people who take their sick parent into their home and care for them. The admiration is saved for those who send them off to a sterile institution. Both have economic impacts but only the latter participates in the economy of capital, and generates revenues and taxable events for the government and business. Such is the despicable brain-washing.

    • So true. I would just like to say that this value system is not only limited to developed countries. Many in developing world get inspired by it. Similar attitude is displayed by the city/urban people towards rural, by those who consider themselves to be the “ruling class’ towards the ‘unwashed masses’. The ruling class here includes people from political, business class but primarily they are the celebrities created by the media.

      Living in their own comfortable cocoons, these people live their whole life far away from the realities of the majority of the world population.

    • Yes… and both are interlinked, corruption is root cause of poverty. Poverty, fight among a number of people limited resources breeds corruption.

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