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Where is Justice? Part 2…

Where is Justice? Part 2….


What bad karma of ours is responsible for the fate we are suffering right now? Read this and lets collectively hang our head in shame. But do make sure that you raise the girl child in your family well, give her opportunities so that she is strong enough to take care of herself in all scenarios and face any kind of eventuality.

In Delhi last week, a five year old girl is raped by 22 and 24 year old men, they not just raped her but also brutally assaulted her private parts. Not satisfied with that they strangulated her and left her for dead. But she survived against all these odds, remained locked inside a room, without water or food for days, just a small distance from her own home. In the hospital the doctor removed pieces of wax candle and a plastic bottle from inside the private parts of the girl, which are totally damaged by those psychos. How can a human being fall so low, how can someone do such an evil act on a fellow human being, that too such a small kids.

I too have a daughter and she is also 5 years old, I am angry and deeply troubled by what is happening to the society that I have grown up in. What is happening to this city of Delhi that I have always loved so dearly.

Delhi Crime Capital of India

What is happening to India, the country which is suppose to be the cradle of so many philosophical thoughts, religions and civilizations which has survived for centuries. Have we entered the last dark phase of humanity. These people who are committing these crime do not come from any other planet, they are also sons, brothers, fathers like us, they too have families like us, they also belong to this society. One may shirk these thoughts by believing that we are not one of them. But the fact of the matter is that they are one of us. The criminals who do such ghastly acts, the police which is totally insensitive to the core, the rulers of the day that we have chosen to lead out country. They all are one of us, they all are representative. So what are we outraging about? This is not to say that there is nothing that can not be done.

What is required is actually very simple, nothing extraordinary is expected or required. The police needs to be sensitive to deal with the public and swift and merciless while dealing with criminals. The justice should be quick and punishment to the guilty persons in accordance with the brutality of their crime. The leftist-liberals and the so called Human Right Brigade which trades in miseries of poor and weak should.

Instead of hanging their head in shame letting such a crime happen in their city, the Police decided to offer some money to the parents of the girl to hush up the matter, did not provide her the best health facility possible till the time the matter became a flash point between local people and them. Even at the hospital a senior police officer slapped a woman protester and damaged her ear. Well they do have the valor to take out their frustrations on innocent people. It is only when it comes to talking the crime that we do not see this bravery on display.

Its just over about four months since  I wrote the blog post after the brutal gang rape of a young woman in a bus, on the roads of capital city of India Delhi. It shook us all deep inside and a lot of hue and cry pursued. I was worried that because of the weak laws and atrociously slow moving Justice System, the would never be any deterrent to stop similar crimes in the future.

So what happened in the last four odd months. A lot has happened which should make every Indian to feel ashamed of the society we are living in. Not a single week passed since than which did not had gruesome news from some part of the country or other.

This happend

This happened

This happened

And this too happened

Its like a unending nightmare right now. Don’t have the word to describe the anger and frustration, the situation is so bad that people have lost any faith in the Police and the Government.

Stop CrimeAgainstWomen

Stop CrimeAgainstWomen1

Stop AcrimeAgaisntWomen2

To score some brownie points and continue the farce of the government that the current ruling regime in India is putting up, a law was passed by the spineless and utterly ineffective government headed by a Prime Minister who just sat silently there for weeks after the brutal December 16 rape in Delhi and then came on the national television to end his speech with a ‘Theek Hai’ , I don’t even to talk about the insensitivity of these people who are in power today and the sort of comment they make which just showcase their upbringing, and the sick mentality they have. We made a mistake to vote them in, and we will have to make sure we do no repeat this mistake ever again in the future. We are supposedly  ruled by a party whose’s chief is a woman ( I wont call it a Government because there is no governance at all). The Speaker of Indian Parliament is a woman, The chief minister of Delhi is a woman – all of the belonging to the same party Congress – by the way the party is more in news for the scams and corruption scandals than anything else for years now. 


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