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Its Times to Change India: Wish list of Mango People…

Its Time to Change India

Wish list of Mango People from a Banana Country

Update (October 2014) : The new Government of India has started making efforts towards turning these dreams into a reality, with the first few months into the office, the Govt. has rolled out solid plans which aims to achieve most of the items I listed here as wishes of common Indian people about one and half year back.

  1. Project ReformIndia: Planning commission has been abolished; New Labor laws are being framed, changes have been made into the judges selection process, a number of laws are being reviewed currently, to be abolished soon. The biggest reform is in the function of government itself – first time in the history of independent India Govt. employees have started attending the office on time!
  2. Project Rurbanization: Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana has been launched to transform the Indian villages – to make the at par or better than the urban cities.
  3. Project WomenPower: Women have got good representation in the government – Prime Minister Modi has been focusing on women empowerment through his Independence day speech as well as interaction with all the school children on Guru Diwas (Teacher’s day)
  4. Project WaterPearlstring: A separate ministry has been made to cleanup Ganga and also improve other rivers in India – govt. is also committed to link the rivers to make this dream come true.
  5. Project DiamondMesh: One of the key performing ministry of the new govt. is the Surface Transport ministry, after a decade the focus has came back to building roads and connecting India.
  6. Project OneAsia: Govt. has made its intentions clear to introduce bullet trains in India – it wont be long before this dreams also becomes a reality.
  7. Project e-India: Digital India is the aim towards which the government is working very seriously. All the government department are getting connecting, dealing with government is being made easier by moving all the transactions online. is the forum for all Indian to connect with the government and is a public forum to access all the government data.
  8. Project Justice4All: This is one area where the government may face a lot of roadblock, surprising and sadly from the people who are enjoying the perks of the current rot in the Judicial system in India. I am still hopeful that slowly the things will start turning around. The reform in selection process of Judges is a right step in this direction.
  9. Project FitIndia: The focus of Government in this direction is visible as Prime Minister Modi in his first speech at the United Nation General Assembly requested all to have one day in the year dedicated as Yoga Day. He also encouraged children to go out and play during a historic interaction with school kids across India on 5th September this year, celebrated as Guru Diwas.
  10. Project Coast-To-Coast: Govt. has already started building new ports and upgrading the existing ports to make this dream a reality.
  11. Project SaaksharIndia: With a young and energetic woman handing this crucial ministry, I expect a lot to start happening soon.
  12. Project SwachIndia: Swachh Bharat project has been launched with tremendous support from grass-root level all across India. This project has the potential to transform India on its own.


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Its time for change… go to and express your thoughts on which direction the next government in India should take.

English: India map translated to Hindi

English: India map translated to Hindi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Call me a Mango Man (aam Aadmi/ Common man) of a Banana country or a worthless Bee in a ridiculously huge Bee-hive, or someone stuck inside a computer who’s operating system is slowly destroying the computer itself, or a the poor soul stuck with a bullock-cart waiting for the Jupiter Velocity. I don’t mind it at all. We are what we are, and the rich and powerful few in  this country who have got the birth right to rule us, have every right to call us by any funny name they find suitable. We deserve it, because we made the mistake of not being serious while choosing the government and leader we need. We reap what we sow… so we are reaping the dividends of what we did in 2004 and 2009.

Maybe India Shining as a slogan far ahead of its time in 2004, and a large number of people were unable to understand its relevance in the changing global economic scenario. But India was shining brightly at that time, and the whole world was expecting shine even brighter. India was Rising, despite the min-governance of last decade, India will keep rising, no one will be able to stop the rise of India, not even the incompetent & corrupt leaders and power brokers. Come 2014 and we the mango people of India, will show the power in a bee’s sting… these people who have taking us for granted for 6 decades will now the meaning of putting one’s hand inside beehive  (madhumakhi ke chhatte mein haath de dena).

This article (Modi, Manmohan, Rahul: We love hypocrisy, false modesty by R Jagannathan  by Mr. R Jagannathan is very timely. I too hope  that the India, specially its youth, comes out of the traditional hypocritical mentality and becomes the change agent. Sooner the better.

Another article ‘Modi ends silence on Sonia‘ ( by Ms Tavleen Singh on – the fast rising online news & analysis portal which is fiercely independent of any governmental or leftist ideological control.

Not just the supporters of Mr. Narendra Modi (#NaMo), everybody is listening carefully to every word he is saying. The expectations from him are increasing day by day. And compare this with the utter lack of any bare minimum expectations from the current prime minister, the cabinet, or the Royal family of Gandhi’s – there are clearly two very different benchmarks. But maybe it is all good for the country’s sake, expectations can only be from those show capabilities and generate trust and faith. Today (April 8, 2013), #NaMo gave to speeches – at FICCI ( and Think India (


A blogpost by Mr. Shashi Shekhar @offstumped ( capture the theme which has been evolving slowly but surely is to move the discussions/ debates at national level on the key issue of Development, Development and Development. At least for the national level discussions  we must get stop bickering about petty issue and focus on strategic reforms which will be beneficial for the long term development of the India and the young Indian population.  Mr. Narendra Modi‘s slogans ‘India First‘  and ‘एक भारत श्रेष्ठ भारत‘ (One India, Best India) should now become a war cry across India.

India’s growth story which was a talking point across the glove is fast becoming a laughing point. A lot of damage has been done in the last one decade of misrule, direction less government, vote catching politics harming the long term growth prospects of the country and not to forget the corruption – specially at high level and lawlessness on the streets.

India needs a strong positive leadership, committed to reforms and development. And mind you these two things can not happen exclusively, for development, reforms are a must. And Reforms can only be appreciated by common people when they are able to taste the fruits of the development.

This is my wish list of Special Project which should be initiated with Cabinet ministry specially made in-charge of each project, having special powers to with various other ministries.

  1. Project ReformIndia – Lead real structural reforms, wherever required (Constitutional, Judicial, Administrative) to ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit of Indians is hassle-free. Roll out enablers to make India the manufacturing hub of the world. Provide opportunities for population to get out of under-employment.
  2. Project Rurbanization – To provide each of the village of India with the following facilities 1) Electricity connection available for every home & 24×7 Electricity Supply all Rural Household, 2) School 3) Post Office converted into a Hub with facilities for Broadband Internet Communication with Video Conferencing, ATM Machine, Agriculture Machines Hiring and Service center, and having local village manpower responsible with responsibility of monthly online update of village level census  of household and crops.
  3. Project WomenPower – Tapping into the 50% of Indian population which is not recognized, make their activities count productively. Social reform to ensure that woman get equal opportunity.
  4. Project WaterPearlstring – River Inter-connection across India, making flood and drought a thing of past, enabling utilization of rivers for commercial transportation,
  5. Project DiamondMesh – Cemented Road Connecting every Village, Town & City of India with nearest highway.
  6. Project OneAsia –  Trans Asian Railway Line via India; connecting Vietnam to Lebanon and Indonesia to Russia. High Speed train-connectivity between all state capital across India.
  7. Project e-India – Transparency in decision making process throughout each and every Government decision. Make all public record available online. Status of all applications to government departments available through online/mobile platform. Each Indian Village, Town & City connected on a high speed broadband network. 360 degree review system, let the people who avail the services of government department appraise/ rate them. Incentivise better performance by offering better bonuses/ annual increments to the employees/department which perform well.
  8. Project Justice4All – Legal system (Judges & Lawyers) accountable for time bound closure every legal case. Transparency in the process of selection of Judges with focus on merits. Attractive short term opportunities for bright lawyers to take up the position of judges. Salary of the Judges directly linked to the case closure. Honorable resolution of all internal issues e.g. Naxals, Demand for separate states, etc. as per the provisions of Indian Constitution.
  9. Project FitIndia  – Development of sports infrastructure (stadiums, clubs) across all villages, towns and cities in India. All sports bodies independent of Political influence. Only those who have represented the country at International level in that particular sport to head the sport body. Involvement of retired Defense personnel at primary school level to build up sports support systems, encourage kids to take up sports from an early age.
  10. Project Coast-To-Coast – Development of Coastal Areas, small and medium size ports across Indian coast line connected with Road, Railway Line and having Airport
  11. Project SaaksharIndia – Aim for 100% literacy across India. Build infrastructure for quality primary education.
  12. Project SwachIndia – Hygienic sanitation facility for each and every Indian, eliminate human  scavenging completely from each and every city, town and village of India. Planning &  implementation of sewer and waste disposal system considering the requirement of the next 25 – 50 years.
  • There is no need to 70+ cabinet members – MinMax (Minimum Government – Maximum Governance) even if the coalition partners needs to be satisfied, it should not be at the cost Governance.
  • There are a number of ministries which should be done away with e.g. Ministry of Broadcasting, Railways, Steel, Chemical & Fertilizers, Civil Aviation, etc. and the field should be left open for private players to engage in the operation.
  • Government should complete exit from all kinds of business/ trading activity, it is not there business at all to be engaging in business, Govt. needs to ensure transparent set of rules for conducting the business and level playing field for all.
  • Let all public sector units be Independence corporation owned by people and run by professionals managers. An independent body consisting imminent citizens (Professional having relevant expertise in the specific field) may work as a watch-dog.
  • Government needs to focus on ensuring primary education facilities are available for all Indians. Its a shame that we still have a large illiterate population after 60+ years of independence. the Higher/ profession/ specialized education field should be left open for the private domain and global institutions in order to establish truly world class institutions in India.

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