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True democracy is a collaboration between the citizens and the Government…

Narendra Modi at the India Today Conclave 2013

On 16th March 2013, Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat once again demonstrated at Taj Hotel, New Delhi during India Today Conclave why he is the leader India has been eagerly waiting for.

Lately, his speeches at various forums and even his non-speeches (e.g. the Wharton  episode are creating huge impact all around. Mind you its is not limited to Gujarat or even India for that matter – post wining the election in the state of Gujarat for 3rd consecutive times in Dec’12, his karmbhoomi  has expanded beyond the borders of Gujarat.

The  English media – TV, Newspapers in India – vulnerable to the deadly combination of influence from Leftists, Government and big business houses – are doing their best to attack him consistently for last one decade, but  their attempts are turning futile as he is reaching global despite their best efforts. Why are the attacking him so fiercely? Because the are scared of dealing with a no-nonsense person  who means business, who wants to focus on providing transparent governance, who wants to develop India, A person who is not showing us big dreams, but rather have made the dreams come true by his consistent hard work in the state of Gujarat where he has been the chief minister for more than 10 years now. So it was appropriate that his speech last Saturday at the Taj Hotel in New Delhi started with a short film covering the ‘Developments in Gujarat‘.

The biggest crisis India faces today is crisis of leadership. The biggest crisis that Indians face today is crisis of confidence. The biggest challenge that India and Indians face today is to overcome these twin crises. – Kanchan Gupta (

“No sooner did Narendra Modi enter the Taj in Delhi for the India Today Conclave 2013 than the excitement reached a completely different crescendo, in TV studios, on social media and of course at the conclave venue. In an exhaustive speech, Modi covered every minute aspect of governance ranging from the UPA’s assault to the nation’s federal structure, why he opposes FDI in retail, his views of relations with our neighbours to Gujarat’s success in agriculture, his take on development among other things.” – Kishore Trivedi (

Democracy got a new lease of life in Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the India Today Conclave on Saturday. –Saswat Panigrahi (

Narendra Modi’s India Today Speech breaks establishment stereotypes baffles Lutyens’ Delhi elite – Shashi Shekhar (

Modi’s critics should never stop talking about 2002 riots. The harsher the critics’ focus on the 2002 riots, the more determined has Modi been in advancing his developmental agenda. Over time, he has been able to connect the developmental dots far better than any other politician – and, more important, has been able to articulate them in a fashion that lay persons can relate to. Some of his ideas today, such as the idea on solid waste management for India’s cities (which he submitted to Manmohan Singh), would have been enthusiastically embraced by the UPA had they come from a Congress leader. The critics’ unblinking focus on the 2002 riots all these years has compelled Modi to work harder than he otherwise might have to project himself as an agent of development – and spin off ideas for reimagining India. That’s an enterprise that’s well worth continuing… – Venky Vembu ( )

Narendra Modi at India Today conclave 2013

Narendra Modi at India Today conclave 2013

Rahul Kanwal (@rahulkanwal). Managing Editor, Headlines Today. … India Today Mediaplex· …. 5-star, couple of dozen people turned down music & gathered around TVs to hear Modi speak

  • Key Points from Modi’s speech at the 2013 India Today Conclave
    • Growth : What we lack is a feeling of pride. In Gujarat, there is a feeling of belonging. Many would question why they should pay tax, but when they see Gujarat moving ahead, they say yes, I want to contribute to the growth. 
    • Secularism : Everyone should be protected. Where is the question of being a Hindu or a Muslim? All this minority talk is vote-bank politics.
    • Coalition politics : Tell me one good thing the current government wanted to do and it was stopped due to coalition politics? There needs to be a will, that’s all.
  • MNREGA : Instead of employment, the scheme should have said development. The scheme should have instilled a pride of contributing to the country’s growth in everyone. Hundred days of working for the country’s growth. You need to take people into confidence while planning for them.
  • Governance : For every problem, they suggest a new Act. We don’t need Acts. We need action. When Vajpayee was in power, there was no need of bringing acts. There was action.
  • Wharton Episode : I think my style of working is my USP and I don’t intend to change it.
  • 2002 : All that I had to say I said, you can look it up on the internet. I’m not scared. If I were, I wouldn’t have come here.
  • Human Indices in Gujarat : Go to any station and see the number of poor that come in. The problem is due to immigrants.
  • Prime Minister Office : I don’t dream about being the PM. India needs the Gujarat growth model, not me. I’m sitting in Delhi, has anyone stopped me? This is Delhi right?
  • Dynastic Politics : Shouldn’t you be happy that there is a party (BJP) that has a democratic set up? We don’t work under a family we have a constitution that we follow.”
  • I’m working on a defence manufacturing policy for Gujarat, it will come soon.
  • Bureaucracy : I don’t ask them what has not been done, I ask what are the good things that have been done.
  • Education : There is 100% enrollment in Gujarat. I have done everything. Providing school uniforms, books, infrastructure… In terms of jobs as well Gujarat has 78 percent employment, the country just 22 percent.”
  • Problem of malnutrition : It was not just a problem with the poor. Children want fast-food, and refuse to drink milk. Their parents have to run after them, they fear they’ll get fat. For how long are we going to run away from the truth? The problem of malnutrition is also there within well-to-do families.
  • PM Manmohan Singh : I once met the PM at his residence. Both of us sat, none of us spoke. So I started. I gave the PM ideas on how certain changes can be made to the JNNURM. He even asked me for a report which I submitted. It has been three years now. Nothing has been done.
  • India Vs. China : By making use of two strong weapons. Democracy and youth. If we use these two weapons, we can outshine China.


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