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Where is Justice? The Sadistic Killer will be out in the street in a few months…

Where is Justice?

The Sadistic Killer will be out in the street in a few months…

And it worries me.

I know now-a-days it is fashionable and easier for all of us to outrage about anything and everything. Maybe that has resulted in a much shorter public memory and much stronger incentives for criminals to carry out their beastly activities without any fear of punishment.

We have two young kids, and it really worries me to think about what they may have to face in the future. We are worried about our  little girl for the kind of challenges she will have to face in this not-easy-to-live-for-anyone-but-special-mean-towards-weak-society. We always worry about the worst case scenario, we don’t want to fail in  inculcate the right moral values in our boy which will help in making the right choices as he grows up. Pity the present, fear the future –

The beast who had the maturity to be the main player in carrying out the in-humanly act of not only raping but also tearing apart the body parts from his victim’s body to remove the proof of his crime, who had the criminal idea of throwing the naked victims out of the running bus, and mental shrewdness to burning the clothes and other belongings of the victims in order to remove all evidence of the crime, is pronounced a Juvenile by the Juvenile Justice Board in New Delhi, India.   Wow… kudos to all those responsible, they really must be expecting applause and praise from their peer groups. Maybe some awards too for keeping the flag of justice flying high, doesn’t matter if it is tainted by the blood of innocent victim of the Juvenile, what wanted to live till she had her last breath intact, who wanted to live even when she got brutally raped and sodomized and her body physical tortured & destroyed beyond repair.

the joker (based on a Dave McKean work)

the joker (based on a Dave McKean work) (Photo credit: Sick Sad M!kE)

It was a kid and that is now proven by his lawyers  and the Human Right Expert who would ensure that he must get another chance. Do do what one may ask? What he did all in that cold December night over again. A Balak, who did all that in the innocence of his young age of 17 years and 6 month. What an irony, the kid had the strength to kill a girl 4 years older than him, but the Law says he is too young to be even tried for his crime in a normal court of law for criminals, leave aside get punished for his heinous crime. This disgusting facts are much more gory than any fiction one can come up with. By proving that he is a 6 months short of adulthood he is off the hook. On the basis of merely a certificate from the school where is studied for a few years more than 10 years back, as proof of age. School admission certificate, specially from the semi-urban and rural areas in India are most easily fudged document, it is totally dependent on the whims of the parents whatever date of birth they want to give to their children they can enter there.

Joker vs Prodi

Joker vs Prodi (Photo credit: _mixer_)

Not only he is off-the-hook, his layers are planning to sue the Police and others and may end up getting even some compensation from them.  Delhi gangrape: Media trial most foul against juvenile accused? –

It has huge impact on what will happen to the other culprits too, one can easily imagine their lawyers rubbing their hands with glee on how they can now have the opportunity to fight the case in the court and get their clients even lesser punishment, blaming the whole crime on the guy who is already let-off by the law. And if this is not enough, the other criminals, languishing in jail right now for the crimes the have committed, are seeing this as a ray of hope for themselves getting out of the prison. Delhi gangrape fallout: Tihar inmates line up for juvenile statusDelhi gangrape fallout: Tihar inmates line up for juvenile status – 

And mind you this is all coming from the same media who first sensationalism the news. First they use the victim and crime to gain publicity and make money.  Who asked them to hound the victims? And why not we shame the devils who carry out such heinous crimes and their family members so that  elements around us learn their lesson and dare not do it again. But no, now these Media Stars, the lawyers and the so-called Human Right Activists are arguing in favor of the criminals, to sound impartial and help the beastly criminal get off the hook. And off-the-hook he will get very soon. Don’t you guys worry about that. Do worry what will happen when he gets his dirty hands on one of your dear one’s. but be really scared of some other scenario which may look like fiction now but well these beasts have the habit of shaming the fiction with their real life deeds. What if next time he drinks and drives around a Bus on a Delhi road and its your sister or daughter who has the misfortune of getting on that bus? Be really scared of that, its is a very real possibility few months from now. If not this beast himself, there would be many other below 18s now getting inspired by him.

The Dark Knight

The Joker… Inspiration for Criminals

The justice is being denied to the victim. There are no two ways about it. And it is happening not just in New Delhi or India alone but everywhere around us. Remember Mr. O J Simpson, the sports star of America who killed his estranged wife and her boyfriend in a fit of rage, caught by police while fleeing the scene of crime, a chase watched by millions on their TV screen since it was shown live by TV channels at that time. He got away too, thanks to his expensive lawyers who proved the incompetence and goof-ups by the police in their investigation and the Juries were not too worried to acquit him of the murder charges because the glove that Police produced from near the crime scene didn’t fit OJ’s hand. And to rub further salts into the wounds of his victims, OJ, later on even wrote a book ‘If I Did It‘, which he puts forth a hypothetical description of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman And do you know what is he up to now – O.J. reportedly hawking THE murder knife for $5 million –

O.J. Simpson on the cover of Newsweek and TIME.

O.J. Simpson on the cover of Newsweek and TIME. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "If I Did It Confessions of the ...

Cover of If I Did It Confessions of the Killer

Or more recent case of Ms Casey Anthony, a young woman in search of excitement and fun in her life, who allegedly killed her own daughter and yet got away with it because again, her lawyers focused on the loop-hopes/ gaps in the investigation, and the murder can’t be proved conclusively. So she walked free. It is really painful to know that while she send the police in a wild goose chase by claiming her daughter has been kidnapped by her babysiter, she was partying, getting herself a new tattoo, looking for new dates in the bars and participating in pub contests, while the body of her less than 3 year old baby girl Caylee was rotting in the dumps nearby, her mouth covered with tape, a little heart shaped sticker indicating the so called love and affection that the killer may have had in their heart towards the little baby. And here is what she is up to now, all set to live her life as carefree as she wanted to live. Casey Anthony files for bankruptcy, calling it a ‘step towards closure’ –

English: Casey Anthony has been booked into th...

Casey Anthony booked then acquitted on charges of child neglect, filing false official information and obstructing an investigation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A crime scene photo admitted into evi...

A crime scene photo admitted into evidence shows the wooded area where Caylee Anthony’s body was found. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are we totally helpless now, is there nothing but only some kind of vigilante justice system that can cure the ills of our society now?


Do We Need A Batman to Deliver Justice in This City?

Is India turning into a Gotham city, doomed to get squeezed between  criminals and a lone Batman fighting a battles that he cant afford to lose. New Delhi, not just the Capital of India but also the Crime capital and the Rape capital of India  is today a city dominated by not just one  Joker but ruled by a government which is like a  full Pack of Jokers  and is today crying to get someone to save it from becoming an unlivable city.

English: India Gate, Delhi

India Gate, Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gotham City map (1999) Cartography by Eliot R....

Gotham City map (1999) Cartography by Eliot R. Brown for No Man’s Land and Gotham City Secret Files and Origins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The violence will beget more violence only. No one will be a clear winner between the fight between The Jokers and the Batman. We must fear the time when the things will get so out of hand that the people will start dispensing the justice themselves. The violence will spiral out of hand between the criminals and the vigilante and its the society which will suffer the consequences and we will slide further down the path of anarchy and darkness. There will not be much difference between the Good and the Evil when the things will get really bad.

Cosplay Batman & Joker - The Dark Knight

Cosplay Batman & Joker – The Dark Knight (Photo credit: flexgraph)

Are we really heading into that direction of chaos and anarchy?

Or we should just leave it all to The One, The Supreme Being, and her/his Divine Justice…

Pierre-Paul Prud'hon - Justice and Divine Veng...

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon – Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime – WGA18458 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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