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अंधेर नगरी चौपट राजा : Darkness engulfs the Nation when the Ruler is a wreck

अंधेर नगरी चौपट राजा

Darkness engulfs the nation when the Ruler is  a wreck 

May 2013

Coalgate Update: Cabinet minister for Law resigns after caught modifying the investigation report by CBI, one top legal officer of Govt. resigns after caught lying to the Supreme Court of India, PMO officials intruding upon the scam investigation against the Prime Ministers Office,

Railgate Update: Cabinet minister for Railway resigns after his nephew is caught receiving cash-for-post.

The last few weeks incidences have washed away any remaining doubts from our mind that India’s Emperors today have no clothes left, and there is no shame left either otherwise those caught red-handed would have had the decency to at least resign voluntarily, these are some of the news headlines of the day.

This must be the depth of a new low even by the standards of Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress party.

 . . .

February 2013

Not a week passes by without the news of a scam or some other government fiasco, these days, it is so hard to keep a count of scams. Outrage soon turns into despair because it is clearly evident by now that those in the power have become totally insensitive to the population at large. In the last 6 months, since I wrote this blog post, the government of the day have sunk into a whole new low.

  • The GDP growth forecast for this year, under the guidance of our Economist Prime Minister and the most honorable Finance Minister, is further downgraded and now in all probability it will not be more than 5%, lowest in more than a decade.
  • The capital city of Delhi is witnessing a dark wave of rape and murders, one of the worst crime against a young girl was committed on a cold December night, all those in power kept sleeping in their warm, comfortable and safe homes, after days of suspense our honorable Prime Minister did came on National Television, but all that we could remember from that monologue was ‘Theek Hai…” (It’s alright). 
  • The woman chief Minister of Delhi who is ruling the city for more than a decade has the shameless face to say that “Delhi is not safe for women”. The honorable Home Minister of India, who controls the law & order in situation in Delhi didn’t had much to say on this issue but delivered a totally reckless speech in Jaipur which has potentially ruined the coming session of Parliament. 
  • Giving a glimpse of where its priorities remain, reports suggest that the ruling congress party has set aside an amount of 100 crore to be spent on social media, trying to locate and remove non-desirable content from the web. 

. . .

1st August 2012

  • News of the day: Indian Prime Minister reshuffles his Cabinet: P Chidambaram back as Finance Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde gets Home
  • It was only yesterday when Mr. Shinde was the Minister for Power & the headline was: India‘s Blackout: 600 Million Left Without Power
  • The other headlines of the recent times include passengers getting burned alive in Train fire, communal riots between Assam’s ethnic Bodo tribe people with illegitimate Bangladeshi immigrants, woman getting molested publicly at the behest of Television News Channel for increasing their TRP.
  • Mr. Chidambaram, our new Finance Minister, is fighting in the court to stay out of Jail for his alleged involvement in 2G scam during his previous stint as Finance Minister.
  • A number of ministers, high ranking government official, top leaders of the ruling coalition who have already been sent to jail by the courts for their corruptions and involvement in the scams.
  • Under the guidance of an Economist Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, The UPA Govt. has managed to throw the Indian economy under the bus.
  • The headline in the Economic Times today is: “Superpower India: RIP”. Its no news that Indian economy is sliding down and its going down big time. From the high hopes of double digit growth rate, we are looking at paltry 6-7% GDP growth rate in short/medium term. Coupled with a double digit inflation.
  • The NAC under the Supreme Leader of Congress Party Ms. Sonia Gandhi is chipping away India’s growth story foundations by Utopian/ pretty dubious schemes & constitutional amendments  (MNREGA, Right of Education, Right to Food, Land Acquisition, Communal Violence, Govt. version of Lokpal)

It would not be wrong to say that we have become characters straight out of the story ‘Andher Nagri’ of Bhartendu Harishchandra  in India currently.

“Andheri Nagri Chaupat Raja; Take Ser Bhaji, Take Ser Khaja”

Bharatendu Harishchandra is one of the greatest playwrights in Hindi, and Andher Nagari, written in 1881, is one of his masterpiece.

In this  hilarious and sardonic tale, a Teacher (Guru) and his student (Shishya/disciple while on a journey to gain knowledge, reached a new city. While walking through a city with his shishya, the Guru saw there was no man on the roads, all the shops were closed during the day, but at night, all the shops got opened, people started working.

He was surprised and asked a man why it is so? The man informs that it is according to the order of their King. Then the Teacher and his Student reaches a shop to get some food, they were more surprised to know that every thing was being sold at one standard price (Take Ser/eat anything for 1). Teacher tells his Student that its a dangerous place to live, and they must leave the city immediately.

But the Student thinks that its a wonderful place to live. Everything so cheap and he can eat delicious things spending very little amount of money, so he requests the Teacher to allow him to stay there for a while. The Teacher repeats his warning but when he realize that the stubborn Student is not relenting, he leaves him there and continue his journey alone.

The city is being run like an experiment of social equality by the eccentric King. There is one fixed price for everything in the city. One can have the run of the mill Bhaji (a simple, inexpensive, vegetable dish) or premium sweet like Khaja (delicious sweet made with wheat flour, refined butter, sugar) at the same price.  The citizens are not allowed to question these eccentric rules or the rulers who come up with these stupidities or even talk about irrational and unjust policies of the King and his administrators who design and implement these twisted rules regarding Commerce, Law and Ethics, making it an undesirable place for live and deal with irrespective of monetary or strategic benefits. The young and unwise Student  stays, eats, makes merry and enjoys it for a while.

In this strange land, one night four brothers plan a burglary and try to breach the wall of the house of an affluent family. Even the thief of such a doomed city are lazy and incompetent. The bungling incompetent thieves bring the wall down, and in the process are killed by the falling bricks.

The mother of the thieves gets angry when she gets the news. The grieved mother files a lawsuit in the court to seek compensation for her loss. In arguing her case before the court, she claims that her sons were merely following their profession and the inappropriately constructed wall caused their untimely demise, for which the homeowner was liable.

The court following the strange and uniform national code of justice designed to ensure social equality for all, asks the homeowner why he should not be sentenced to death for the loss of the thieves’ lives.

The frightened and frazzled homeowner uses the defense that those who constructed the wall are the guilty party and thus exonerates himself. The bricklayer is then summoned to the court and he says it is not his fault as he did his job well and the cement must have been of poor quality. The wrath of the court and its  warped justice then descends on the cement mixer who is accused of pouring too much water during mixing. The cement maker admits that it happened, but attributes it to his required mandatory greeting of the passing Holy man, a legally justifiable diversion that diluted the cement. The Court calls the Holy man – the clueless guy has no excuse and the court pronounces him guilty of the murder of the 4 thieves and sentences him to be hanged till dead.

Like everything else, the King has also legally prescribed fixed size noose which must be used to hang the criminals by the neck. The noose is brought to the courtyard to string up the guilty offender. Living in the city of Idiots could be the fault of the Holy man, but the poor guy was living a humble life himself. It turns out that his  neck & head is too thin and the noose keeps slipping off his head and neck. The size of the nose can not be changed since it was fixed by the King. Therefore, it was not possible to hang the Holy man with the prescribed fixed size noose.

This irritated the judge to no end, he had many other commitments too, more cases to resolved, more punishments to be meted out. So the Judge pontificates that the deaths of 4 thieves must be punished and since the circumference of the noose is unalterable by the national code, the only way for justice to be done, is to hang the first person who fits the noose. Anyone who’s neck can fit the noose, not important if an innocent gets punished, but justice must be served.

In the meanwhile, with good food at cheap price, and no work to do, the Student has enjoyed himself immensely and managed to gained a chubby body. He had nothing better to do so he was caught feasting on the cheap dates and idling his time watching the wheels of justice in the court . His stout neck fitted the noose and the court decides that he be hanged in the public square next morning as an example to the citizens and to emphasize that justice not only should be done, but it must also publicly seen to be done.

By godly intervention, his Teachers arrives in the city on his way back and gets to know about the predicament of his Student. The teacher promptly arrived early morning at the public square and creates a ruckus by insisting that he be hanged instead of the Student.

The intrigued Judge was taken aback at this strange self-destroying demand and even the Holy man suspects some theological mystery. They keep asking the Teacher for the reason but he refuses.

The irritated judge then threatened him that if he refused he would be beheaded instead of being hanged. The Teacher pleads that he must be hanged and not beheaded. Under further intimidation and after considerable interrogation, the Teacher relents and confesses that on this day of the new moon, anyone who was hanged would go straight to heaven and was guaranteed double his share of beautiful virgins.

The Judge, then insisted since he was the judge, he would decide who would be hanged. He decided he would hang himself to gain the heavenly rewards.

In the meantime the news had reached the King. He immediately reaches the the scene and uses his ultimate authority and primate privilege as a King of the City and decides that it was he who should be hanged.

The relieved Teacher quickly gestures to his Student to get out of the god-forsaken city before some new twist comes to the story. Both the Teacher and the Student  promptly crossed the borders of the strange City, vowing never to return there again.

And today we see the same strange rules, laws, policies being enacted in this land of ours, by a Dynasty who think that they have the divine right to rule the country, all the people surrounding them, even the educated one’s, are scared to tell the truth.

The story has eerie resemblance to what is currently going on in India. Hard work is being shunned through schemes like MNREGA, new convenient rules are made or old rules are misused for carrying out scams (Office of Profit, 2G Scam, CWG Scam, Coal Scam), dubious schemes are launched in the name of equality (Right to Education, Aakash – the Indian Tablet), Utopian schemes are designed to wreck the economy are devised (Right to Food, Land Acquisition Act), a clown is being readied to be crowned as the King while the PM is treated as a clown. The people who talk of Equality for all, Development, Governance, Accountability are maligned as Right-wing Storm troopers, Conservatives, Communal, Anti-poor…

The wise people may start leaving this land of ours which was called Bird of Gold once, a return to the Brain-drain era of 1960’s & 70’s. Those of us who can’t will suffer the consequences – it is our misfortune that many of us have voted for these ‘Queen of Heart’ and ‘Emperor who no longer have clothes’.



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