SIT’s final conclusions bring closure to Legal and Moral case against Narendra Modi

So, now, can we say that finally Gujarat CM Sh. Narendra Modi is exonerated now?

Or is there going to be more muddling of the water even after this report from Special Investigation Team (SIT),  formed at the direction of Supreme Court of India, headed by highly respected R Raghavan, leading a team of professional investigators known for their objectivity & fairness, says that the CM and the other 62 persons named in the complaint, are clean.


The complete text of SIT report is out but most of the media is silent about it. Specially the  Indian English News Channels which were hyper about anything and everything about Gujarat for the last one decade seems to have lost all the energy the displayed for so long and are trying to ignore this issue, maybe because it does not suit the position and the line of that they had taken so far. Maybe it is not about justice/truth/fairness. Maybe it is all about the so-called Riot industry which have cropped up, which gets profited by playing up on the emotions of those who have already suffered so much and lost everything. Maybe these guys are like vultures who are trying to feed themselves on the bodies of those who died during the riots. Even the newspaper are silent about it, such is the strength of the anti-Modi lobby that is at work for the last 10 years in Indian media.

Another interesting thing happening now, after two days and much brain storming, these guys are coming up with an strategy to attach  the SIT, specially the Head of SIT R Raghavan, who would have been their hero, if he had just implicated Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in his report. Since the report indicates otherwise, these guys are now trying to put the energies in discrediting Mr. Raghavan. The items appearing in the news papers and blogs selectively appears to indicate in this directions.

2002 Gujarat Riots : Indian Supreme Court SIT Closure Report exonerates Narendra Modi in 2002 Gujarat Riots case http://www.scribd.com/embeds/92949330/content?start_page=1&view_mode=list&access_key=key-1kgaccclh41uhytgskd

Its also available here on the DeshGujarat website : http://deshgujarat.com/2012/05/08/sit-closure-report-put-online-in-pdf-format/


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