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#MusicLog 4: Best of 80’s – My Favorite 80’s music and more…

Best of 1980’s: My Favorite 80’s Music and more…

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How many of these albums/artist you have heard?

Aerosmith, A-Ha, Bananarama, Berlin, Billy Ocean, Blondie, Bobby McFerrin, Bonnie Tyler, Club Nouveau, Culture Club, Culture Club, Cutting Crew, Cyndi Lauper, Devo, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Diana Ross & Lionel Richie, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Falco, Fine Young Cannibals, Foreigner, Gary Numan, General Public, George Harrison, George Michael, Grover Washington Jr., Guns N’ Roses, Herbie Hancock, Huey Lewis & The News, INXS, Irene Cara, J. Geils Band, John Cougar Mellencamp, Katrina & The Waves, Kenny Loggins, Kim Carnes, Kool & The Gang, LeVert, Lipps Inc., Madness, Madonna, Martika, Marvin Gaye, Men At Work, Men Without Hats, Michael Sembello, Mr. Mister, Nena, Olivia, Newton John, OMD, Pat Benatar, Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder, Pete Townshend, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Prince, Queen, Ray Parker Jr., Reo Speedwagon, Robert Palmer, Scorpions, Starship, Styx, Survivor, Tears For Fears, The Bangles, The Police, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Tommy Tutone, Tony Basil, U2, UB40, Van Halen, Wang Chung, Wham, Yes…   

I am sure the answer would be loud & clear YEAH … if not then you are seriously missing some really good music. Do try & listen to them whenever you get a chance, this post may help you in your search for good music. Dedicated to the 80’s, its a list of my favorite 80 songs from the that turbulent decade.

80’s were tough days for the majority of population in India – socially, economically, politically. The menace of terrorism had hit India in a big way, bomb blasts happening at public places made people feel highly insecure. Operation Bluestar at Golden Temple and subsequent gunning down of none other than the Prime Minister of the country (Indira Gandhi) by her own bodyguards made the situation even worse. the riots on the streets of Delhi are etched on the mind & souls  of all those who witnessed the gruesome acts and saw how normal human being turns into a wild beast.

Indian Govt. and they policy makers were stuck in the socialistic mindset focusing on regressive economic policies. Corruption at high level was wide spread under Prime Minister  Rajiv Gandhi.

The Berlin wall came down and East & West Germany were One Strong Germany once again. These were also the last days of Cold War between USA led western countries & Communist Empire of Soviet Union (which nobody though would break down quickly.  I remember myself involuntarily becoming a part of crowd welcoming President Gorbachev when he visited India, all the students of our school were taken in buses and were asked to queue up on the road under the afternoon sun and wave flags when he passed by the India Gate.

India was more authoritarian & communist than many socialist countries in those days. I am too guilty of enjoying the subsidized food, free Movie & Ballet shows & Chess lessons at Russian Center in Delhi in those days. Even though India was not aligned with any particular group in the world, the ruling party (Congress), Government and its policies were  inspired by USSR to a large extent. Those were the days of rationing & shortages, permits & licenses. There were huge restrictions on imports of almost everything. Only a couple of car models were available, same goes for Bikes, scooters, Consumer Durable/ Electronic products.

There was no Coca-Cola or Pepsi in India during the 80’s. Alternate local choices were the bottles of Campa-Cola & Thumps-Up or the Rooh-Afza or Rasna – to be prepared at home by mixing them with sugar, water and ice. The fast food MNC giants came much later,  Nirula’s & Wimpy’s were the-place-to-go for Burgers & Pizzas in Delhi during those days.  Maggie (Nestle’s instant noodles) became a big hit in Eighties.

Some positive developments were there too in the Eighties in India. An Indo-Japanese car joint venture, Maruti-Suzuki,   started manufacturing small cars in India they were an instant hit, now India is one of the top small car manufacturing hub in the world. Same thing happened in low-end two wheeler segment as well, Hero-Honda dominated the market with the 100cc bikes.

New Delhi hosted Asian Games in ’82 and Indian television scene also changed with that event as Colour Television transmission started for the first time in India. It was the beginning of the era of hugely popular Television soap-operas, starting with the hugely popular family drama Hum Log and the detective series Karamchand followed by the religious/mythological cult TV series of Ramayana & Mahabharat. The roads used to be totally vacant with the whole families (from grand parents to the young kids) glued on to the TV sets together when Ramayan & Mahabharat were on air. Sadly for the us kids there was nothing much except for the friendly usual animations. I was never a big fan of TV, was more  into sports (Cricket) and story books  (from the neighborhood library). My personal favorite show was the Japanese TV series Giant Robot in those days. Computers came to India in the Eighties in a big way, paving the way for the success of Indian software & IT companies in the coming decades. The first time I actually got to work on a computer was in 1990. It was a locally assembled DOS based machine with no internal hard disk and a floppy drive – had to keep one of those big size floopy disk ready to boot the system with MS-DOS 🙂

India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983: Not even an underdog till now, suddenly India was the World Champion &  its cricket players the biggest superstars of the game. For a short while in the subsequent years, Indian cricket team managed to win all the tournaments, wherever they played, making the 80’s a memorable decade for cricket. The success of 1983 could only be replicated decades later in 2011 when Indian once again won the World Cup of Cricket.

Indian music scene was dominated by Bollywood movie soundtracks, though some Indian pop stars were also arriving at the scene. For me as a teenager the Indian music scene wasn’t too exciting, some of my favorite Indian singers had already passed away  and the majority of Bollywood music can be classified as mediocre at best. So my search for good music took me westward and got hooked on to the Rock, Pop, Rap, Soul, R&B, etc. Those were the pre-internet days and the world was not so well connected as it is today. The source of music was Radio, the Indian radio stations too were Govt. controlled and played western music only for limited time, late at night. Most of the people used to listen to BBC Radio for authentic news & non-biased views during those days. BBC & Voice of America were also the source of western music for me. The magazines at British Council library & American center were the source of news about the latest music scene in the west. And regular visits to the favorite music store in Connaught Place, New Delhi, where I used to spend hours. 

Seriously, for me the 80’s were the golden period of  music. As I got to listen to some of these songs first on Radio and then managed to get the audio cassettes, whenever they were released and made available in India.  Usually, it took months, sometime years, at times complete albums of these artists were not released at all. Then there were  compilation of popular songs from various artists, Mostly the compilation were pirated/ illegal and the recording sucked big time. Now I have managed to have them all digitally in my iTune collection. The total duration of this compilation is about 7 hours, I have uploaded some selected songs from this  list on the home-page of this blog.

Sr. No. Song Artist Album Time
1 Dude Looks Like A Lady [September 1987] Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 4
2 Walk This Way [September 1986] Aerosmith & Run D.M.C. Raising Hell 5
3 Take On Me [October 1985] A-Ha The Definitive Singles Collection 4
4 Venus [September 1986] Bananarama True Confessions 4
5 Take My Breath Away [September 1986] Berlin Top Gun Soundtrack 4
6 Get Outta My Dreams [April 1988] Billy Ocean Tear Down These Walls 5
7 Call Me [March 1980] Blondie American Gigolo Soundtrack 4
8 Don’t Worry Be Happy [September 1988] Bobby McFerrin Cocktail Soundtrack 5
9 Total Eclipse of The Heart [October 1983] Bonnie Tyler Faster Than the Speed of Night 7
10 Lean On Me [March 1987] Club Nouveau Life, Love & Pain 4
11 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? [March 1983] Culture Club Kissing to Be Clever 4
12 Karma Chameleon [February 1984] Culture Club Colour By Numbers 4
13 I Just Died In Your Arms [May 1987] Cutting Crew Broadcast 4
14 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [March 1984] Cyndi Lauper She’s So Unusual 4
15 Whip It [November 1980] Devo Freedom of Choice 3
16 Come On Eileen [April 1983] Dexy’s Midnight Runners Pure 80’s 4
17 Endless Love [September 1981] Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Endless Love 4
18 Hungry Like The Wolf [March 1983] Duran Duran Rio 3
19 Sweet Dreams [August 1983] Eurythmics Ultimate Collection 5
20 Rock Me Amadeus [April 1986] Falco Falco 3 3
21 She Drives Me Crazy [April 1989] Fine Young Cannibals The Raw & The Cooked 4
22 I Want To Know What Love Is [February 1985] Foreigner Agent Provocateur 4
23 Cars [June 1980] Gary Numan The Pleasure Principle 4
24 Tenderness [February 1985] General Public All The Rage 4
25 Got My Mind Set On You [January 1988] George Harrison Cloud Nine 4
26 Faith [December 1987] George Michael Faith 3
27 Just The Two Of Us [May 1981] Grover Washington Jr. Winelight 4
28 Sweet Child O’ Mine [September 1988] Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction 6
29 Rockit [November 1983] Herbie Hancock Future Shock 5
30 The Power of Love [August 1985] Huey Lewis & The News Back To The Future Soundtrack 4
31 Need You Tonight [January 1988] INXS The Greatest Hits 3
32 Flashdance…What A Feeling [June 1983] Irene Cara Flashdance Soundtrack 4
33 Centerfold [February 1982] J. Geils Band Freeze Frame 4
34 Jack & Diane [October 1982] John Cougar Mellencamp American Fool 4
35 Walking On Sunshine [June 1985] Katrina & The Waves Walking On Sunshine 4
36 Footloose [April 1984] Kenny Loggins Footloose Soundtrack 4
37 Bette Davis Eyes [June 1981] Kim Carnes Mistaken Identity 4
38 Celebration [February 1981] Kool & The Gang The Very Best of Kool & The Gang 5
39 Casanova [October 1987] LeVert Big Throwdown 6
40 Funkytown [May 1980] Lipps Inc. Disco Nights Vol. 4 6
41 Our House [July 1983] Madness Radio Waves of the 80’s 5
42 Papa Don’t Preach [August 1986] Madonna True Blue 4
43 Toy Soldiers [July 1989] Martika Martika 5
44 Sexual Healing [January 1983] Marvin Gaye Midnight Love 4
45 Who Can It Be Now? [October 1982] Men At Work Business As Usual 3
46 The Safety Dance [September 1983] Men Without Hats Best Of 3
47 Maniac [September 1983] Michael Sembello Flashdance Soundtrack 4
48 Broken Wings [December 1985] Mr. Mister Welcome To The Real World 5
49 99  Red/Luftballoons [March 1984] Nena 99 Luftballons 4
50 Physical [December 1981] Olivia Newton John Physical 4
51 If You Leave [May 1986] OMD Pretty In Pink Soundtrack 4
52 Hit Me With Your Best Shot [December 1980] Pat Benatar Crimes of Passion 3
53 Ebony And Ivory [June 1982] Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Tug of War 4
54 Let My Love Open The Door [August 1980] Pete Townshend Empty Glass 5
55 Sussudio [July 1985] Phil Collins No Jacket Required 4
56 One More Night [April 1985] Phil Collins No Jacket Required 5
57 Another Brick In The Wall: Part II [April 1980] Pink Floyd The Wall 4
58 Purple Rain [November 1984] Prince Purple Rain 9
59 Crazy Little Thing Called Love [March 1980] Queen Queen – Greatest Hits 3
60 Another One Bites The Dust [October 1980] Queen Queen – Greatest Hits 4
61 Ghostbusters [August 1984] Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters Soundtrack 4
62 Can’t Fight This Feeling [March 1985] Reo Speedwagon Wheels Are Turnin’ 5
63 Addicted To Love [May 1986] Robert Palmer Riptide 4
64 Rock You Like A Hurricane [May 1984] Scorpions Love at First Sting 4
65 We Built This City [November 1985] Starship Knee Deep In The Hoopla 5
66 Mr. Roboto [April 1983] Styx Caught in the Act 6
67 Eye Of The Tiger [August 1982] Survivor Eye of The Tiger 4
68 Everybody Wants to Rule the World [June 1985] Tears For Fears Songs from the Big Chair 4
69 Walk Like An Egyptian [December 1986] The Bangles Greatest Hits 3
70 Every Breath You Take [July 1983] The Police Message In A Box 4
71 Start Me Up [October 1981] The Rolling Stones Forty Licks 4
72 What’s Love Got To Do With It [September 1984] Tina Turner Private Dancer 4
73 Jenny [May 1982] Tommy Tutone Tommy Tutone 2 4
74 Mickey [December 1982] Tony Basil The Best of Tony Basil 4
75 With Or Without You [May 1987] U2 The Joshua Tree 5
76 Red Red Wine [October 1988] UB40 Labour of Love 3
77 Jump [February 1984] Van Halen Right Here Right Now 4
78 Everybody Have Fun Tonight [December 1986] Wang Chung Mosaic 5
79 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go [November 1984] Wham Make It Big 4
80 Owner Of A Lonely Heart [January 1984] Yes 90125 5

Listen to some of these songs at this blog’s homepage 🙂 hope you’ll enjoy the 80’s music…

Some memories of 80’s


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