Photography : Nature and beyond

Glimpses of Heaven – Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand, India: A beautiful nine-corner lake in the Himalayas

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A beautiful lake with nine corners (thats why the name Nau Kuchia Taal), surrounded by hills covered with lush green trees. Nestled in the Himalayan mountain range in Kumaon region, Naukuchiataal is one of the Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is close Nainital, the more popular lake destinations among the tourists.

The lake is fed by an underground spring, in fact its the source of drinking water for the village in the vicinity. The villager are also dependent on the lake for their livelihood, hence they plead with all tourists not to pollute the lake or the surrounding areas.

It is just heavenly to can take leisurely walks around the lake or hire a row boat or a paddle boat to explore the nine corners of the lake.

The cottage was simply picture perfect, it was just next to the beautiful Naukuchiatal lake. Sitting outside the cottage one can just spend hours witnessing the beautiful game being played out by the sun light & shadows with the lake’s water, the trees and the shrubs. Listening to the birds chirping beautiful sound was an enthralling expedience. The peace and tranquility of this place can only be experienced becoming one with the Nature.


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