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#MusicLog 2: My Favorite One Hour of Indian Music

Thanks to Box.Net, I have been able to uploaded all the song listed on this blog (and even more) on the home page of this blog – do listen to them if you are new to these songs/Indian music/Bollywood music.
This is yet another MusicLog in the series that hopefully I will be able to continue in this blogs to share my favorite songs & music. It tool a little longer than expected as I find it very hard to limit the number of favorite songs to fit into just an hour of Music.  I am already planning a longer (and boring) list of my all time favorite songs.
My exposure to western music started a bit late, when I was already in my teen years but the Bollywood songs  & music is what I  grew up on.
My earliest hildhood memories are listening to these songs on Radio – All India Radio‘s Vividh Bharati service. Everyone around use to hum these tunes, we all had our own favorites & it was fun to sit near the radio when favorite song was on air. It was also fun to listen to the song requests from small town to the radio station. There were many places we thought were fictitious or the radio station people are just mentioning because they sound so funny – “Agle gaane ki farmaish aayi hai Jhumritallaya se Bittoo, Pinki, Sonu, Monu, mummy-papa aur nana-nani” 🙂
As the years kept rolling in, I was lucky enough to hear a lot of different kind of music. Hindi, English, music from other regions of  India, Classical Music, artists from our Pakistan – which sounds exactly like Indian music (we two neighboring countries do see eye-to-eye on many issues). It was difficult but I have tried to keep the artist from Pakistan out of this list, to make it one of of INDIAN music, but I do love them & WILL cover them in the detailed list of my favorite Hindi/Urdu song very soon.
We get to hear new music everyday now-a-days, and we forget most of it few days later. The quality suffers as the quantity becomes more important, but  good artist will make their mark no matter how crowded the music scene gets.
So here’s  my all time favorite one hour-long playlist of Bollywood songs.
There are many singer which’ve got missed out completely since the list needs to be restrict to just one hour.
There are also bigger hits & more popular songs by artist in this list, but I am not listing them on their popularity, it is just  a list of songs that I’d love to listen to if I was given a last one hour of music.
Sr. No. Song Artist Album Time
1 Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Mohammad Rafi
Pyaasa 5
2 Jalte Hai Jiske Liye Talat Mahmood
Sujata 4
3 Zindagi Ka Safar Kishore Kumar
Safar 4
4 Door Kahin Jab Din Dhal Jaye Mukesh
Anand 3
5 Babu Je Dheera Chalna Geeta Dutt
Aar Paar 3
6 Humne Dekhi Hai Lata Mangeshkar
Khamoshi 3
7 Dum Maro Dum Asha Bhosle
Hare Rama Hare Krishna 3
8 Omkara Vishal Bharadwaj
Omkara 5
9 Kawa Kawa Sukhvinder Singh
Monsoon Wedding 5
10 Dooba dooba Mohit Chauhan
Boondein – Silk Route 5
11 Jai Ho AR Rahman
Slumdog Millionaire 5
12 Dhan Te Nan Sukhvinder Singh
Bollywood 5
13 Bolo Tara Ra Ra Daler Mehndi Punjabi 5
14 Emosanal Attyachaar Amit Trivedi
Dev.D 4
15 Saibo Shreya Ghoshal
Shor In The City 3
16 Superchor Sneha Khanwalkar
Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 5

Click on the link below to listen to any of these songs at my skydrive:

I am a big fan of Guru Dutt & Pyasa is among my most favorite movies of all time.
If  allowed to pick just one singer to listen to for rest of my life, I’d choose Talat Mahmood, his silken voice gently touches somewhere deep in the heart & soul.
Kishore Da‘s Zindagi ka Safar & Mukesh’s Kahin door jab din dhal jaye are the like theme songs, always at the back of my mind when facing tough choices.
Fell in love with the music of Mohit Chauhan when I first heard the song Dooba Dooba of his band Silkroute in 90’s. In the recent years, he has done really well in Bollywood, but I still love his Dooba Dooba…
For me, Geeta Dutt has a special voice, even in comparison with Lata & Asha who ruled Bollywood music scene for decades. Among new singers, Shreya Ghoshal has huge potential to become one of the all time great female voice in Bollywood.
Hardly need to say anything about AR Rahman, everybody knows him across the globe after winning multiple Oscars &  Grammy awards. People talk about Jai-ho but not so much about Sukhvinder  who sang that with a magical power, he is an amazing singer who has the talent to make a good song even more special.
There is a reason for adding Daler Paaji in the list, even though I hardly listen to Punjabi music when I am alone. At a party in Seoul a couple of years back, with people from all over the world, people wanted us, the Indian group to perform, we didn’t really had to do much, asked the DJ to download Bolo Tara Rara of Daler Mehndi & everybody was dancing, on & off the dance floor. People were going crazy with their own versions of Bhangra Dance steps & we had a blast.
Vishal Bhardwaj is a multi-talented guy, love his music as well as the movies he directs.
Oye Lucky Lucky Oye &  Dev D are two examples of small budget Bollywood movies hitting the jackpot.
Music of Amit Trivedi and Sneha played a major role in the success of the movies.

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