Photography : Nature and beyond

Cheerful paintings – Gopi Dutt’s unique style of sharing blessings

Cheerful Paintings

An artist love for life, being spread in the form of beautiful smiling Ganesha paintings to all, like the blessing from the elder generation. I am so proud of Dad’s work, he really makes us feel so proud. I only hope that Kabir & Meera (our kids) also get some iota of his artistic talent.

Meet Mr. Gopi Dutt, there is hardly anything left in the world which he hasn’t seen or experienced.

Born in the dusty streets of Multan (now in Pakistan), the whole world has been his karmbhoomi. He is as comfortable intermingling with art lovers in LouvreParis as he is chatting up with boat man on the Ghats of Ganges in Banaras. Simplicity, smile on the face, and a zest to life the live to the fullest – these are the things that characterize him.

I am so glad that I have married his daughter, who is equally blessed with artistic sensitivities. We are blessed to have him as a part of our family. I know Kabir & Meera will grow up listening, learning & wanting to be like him one day.


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