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Holi… Ho Li

Even by the standard of India, an extremely vibrant and colorful country, Holi is one festival which I feel just goes over the top… I am the Holi-Grinch and have no qualms in saying that I do not participate in this unholy madness. Yes it is just madness, just have a look at some of the samples below and tell me if you think otherwise.

Yes that’s a sample… tell me do sane, mature & normal people behave like that, that too just for a day. On any other day, these guys will be just normal, living their normal, uneventful, rather boring life. On on this day, the bug of excitement just hits them all.

Doesn’t matter weather they are young or old, male or female (even the people belonging to the non-determined gender), rich or poor, highly educated or just angootha-chhaap, corporate executive or your friendly neighborhood  shop-keeper. Politician, film-stars, or just a wannabe celeb… they all join in this madness.

The only holi I like involves ….

And as I was writing this blog post and planning to sneak out of the office quietly, Guptaji from my neighboring cabin got in and smeared Green Gulaal all over my face, clothes, laptop, notebooks, mobile, etc…

So let me just shut the f*** up and shout loudly a BIG Happy Holi to all of you…


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