@marvi_memon Vs @majorlyprofound TwitterSaga

Marvi Memon Vs Majorlyprofound : TwitterSaga


Deciphering the mind of a Pakistani Politician, tweet by tweet…

  • Ms. Marvi Memon : A high profile, social-media savvy female politician from Pakistani, a rarity in our neighboring country Pakistan, embarked on her maiden visit to India. She is known to have a highly critical views about India, not such a rarity in our neighboring country. Her Twitter bio has this to share about her “Life dedicated to Bhittai-Marui‘s people all over Pakistan as a pmln shair:)”.
  • For the benefit of her followers at the Twitter, where she is very active 24×7, she decided to micro-blog everything that she observes in the alien/enemy country during her maiden visit to India. Her observations actually proved the country to be neither an alien nor aggressively carrying the enmity. Like every other country in this world, the common people of India & Pakistan are fighting their own demons in the day-to-day life and majority of the people do not even have time to think about their own country what to say about the land across the border.
  • @majorlyprofound : One highly popular twitterati of South East Asia whose Twitter bio informs us that he/she is “an award winning, highly ejjucated, critical thinker who is also a wimmens exbert and Strategic geopolitical analyst” We could never get to know the personality behind the Twitter handle @majorlyprofound. Few months after this interaction, @majorlyprodound disappeared and a similar sounding @majorlyp appeared few months later, but the wit and sarcasm of the tweets from @majorlyprofound is yet to be surpassed by anyone including @majorlyp.
  • @majorlyprofound was heart-broken when Ms.Memon blocked him/her. Unable to bear the pain of being denied such a wonderful learning experience, @MajorlyProfound decided to take an imaginary voyage to the hostile neighborhood himself/herself. Since he/she had so much affection & craving for knowledge, the Angles of 21st century (technology->internet->social media) granted him/her the amazing power to see, hear and feel all the things that the Lady Politician Ms Memon is experiencing (like Sanjay from the  Mahabharata)

The communication skills of the Ms. Menon are highly evolved, many common people sometime find it hard to comprehend the meaning of sophisticated twits or decipher the deep thought behind them. So the explanations from @majorlyprofound were truly profound and invaluable in comprehending the meaning of Ms Memon’s pearls of wisdom. Following is the TwitterCast from the first one & a half day of the visit to India…

17th November 2011

  • marvi_memon : I am off to india for an asian leadership conference along wth fine people like @sharmeenochinoy. Lookin fwd to it.
  • marvi_memon : Excited about going to a country I have criticized the most. Chance to meet other young leaders of asia n develop shared vision
  • marvi_memon : @Sam_pk wrong comment. Read the comment seriously. Excited to go n make effort to resolve r differences. Not for sightseeing!
  • marvi_memon : Wth zeb hania at kchi airport waitin for pia. Theyr r super
  • marvi_memon : No mfn before real cbm on kashmir.
  • marvi_memon : Landed India!
  • marvi_memon : On landin: when pia tyres hit the runaway my first thought “enemy territory all r lives wch truly needs to b made friendly by our efforts”
  • marvi_memon : The view from the top. Large motorway types thru large tracts
    • majorlyprofound : First, Dilli. Airplane just landed in Dilli. Runway looks just like those in Pakistan. A bit shorter in length and the asphalt a bit darker.

18th November 2011

  • majorlyprofound : So we share the same kind of runways.
  • majorlyprofound : The runway seems to be asphalted right upto the end. As opposed to better runways in which some strip is left bare at the end #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon : First airline I saw whilst landin afghan airline. Traders pushtuns landed in large quantities
  • marvi_memon : Bright large modern carpeted beutiful art painting airport. Luved the hindy dance symbols reminded me of ghanshyams
  • marvi_memon : @babarkalim the birds didn’t make us enemies. Ppl n differin ideologies n discriminations did. So ppl need to fix it
  • marvi_memon : Tks to wajahat for all the pakistani delegation yfrog.com/h6sv7vcj
  • marvi_memon : @sharmeenochinoy. waiting for their bags. Chek nehru’s painting on right yfrog.com/h0nbarhj
  • marvi_memon @wajskhan n @adnansmalik wth us. Precheckin of bags in process
    • majorlyprofound : Met uniformed Yindian official. Lectured him about withdrawing from Cashmere. He smiled and thanked me for riding in his plane. #YindiaVisit
    • majorlyprofound : Met another uniformed Yindian official. Lectured him about withdrawing from Cashmere. He wants to check my passport. #YindiaVisit
    • majorlyprofound : Off to collect luggage. Surprised to find we share the same type of suitcases. #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon Incedible india Airport looked like mini usa. And outside it looks like pakistan. Smells like pak tOo
  • marvi_memon @kresilient I meant food n fuel mixed smell. Fried puri type smell
  • marvi_memon Ok now this certainly is moden cyber city. High rise buildings. Not like pak
  • marvi_memon For someone who boycotted indian music chamak chalo music on in vehicle n its soundin pretty ok. Biases based on unresolved disputes
  • marvi_memon Goin for dinner wth part of pak delegation n some indian americans.the view here is they cant understadn how shared history was split in 47
    • majorlyprofound Might have to talk to natives – do dinner with Indian Americans first. Will work my way down the ladder. #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon So the larger india concept is what their youth has been brought up to believe. “One country split only bec of leaders-“their perspectv
    • majorlyprofound Yindian youth brainwashed that Pakistan created only in 1947!! Pakistan was formed 4.5 Billion years ago with the rest of earth #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon Theyr saying indian education indicators nt doin well. Free education now not free. Health too.
  • marvi_memon Kashmir was the conversation after bukhari daal paneer tikka lamb was nearly over triggered by my story abt murtaza
  • marvi_memon So we share the same food
  • marvi_memon Atithi devo bhava
  • marvi_memon delhi vatican at itc yfrog.com/obadfrfj
  • marvi_memon Indian public discourse on afgh as per them: invest enuf for developmnt in afgh to keep pak in check
  • marvi_memon Good morning Delhi
  • marvi_memon Times of India headlines:to giv flavour for how similar r issues r
  • marvi_memon Railway daily footfalls. 5lakh new delhi no dedicated ambulance at any major r st. Atleast theyr pointin ths gap out
  • marvi_memon Youth shot in jaw for brushin car. Traffic barbarism at height
  • marvi_memon 140 crorepati MPs have no other income
  • marvi_memon SC india has shown concern over spirallin prices n guess what ths govt wil nt b in contempt. They wil control price of 348 essential drugs
  • marvi_memon @Sam_pk get ready for some sightseeing later
  • marvi_memon Irregularities in regularization of unauthorized ghost colonies being granted provisional certificates
    • majorlyprofound Irregularity filled, corruption ridden land distribution to poor. No army like efficiency for allotting plots. #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon Zardari feared coup bid says mullen
  • marvi_memon Spain early elections bec of eco crisis. Why not pak
  • marvi_memon Greek students brought govt down in 70s. Today they say they wil protest bec they hav hunger hav no sight of future. No hope. Seems familiar

19th November 2011

  • marvi_memon The Asia 21 young leaders represent the future of the Asia-Pacific region. metzl
  • marvi_memon work this community of leaders is doing today n will do in future is laying a strong foundation for regional collaboration for decades metzl
  • marvi_memon going down for registration- some incredible asian young leaders attending this galaxy event
  • marvi_memon Emergency medicine is a while science whc we don’t teach as a specialization in r part of world. Dinner wth those doc leaders was eye openr
  • marvi_memon My marooaras lives wld b saved wth that
  • marvi_memon Poverty indicators all over r sub cont a real issue. More on them later yfrog.com/h6on0xuj
    • majorlyprofound Wrenching poverty causes women to get into degrading professions. Saw song of one “munni” who became badnaam. #YindiaVisit
    • majorlyprofound Wrenching poverty indicator: Lot oph people walking. Common problem that afflicts south Asia. #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon Qutub minar. Turkish influence in r shared historyyfrog.com/ocelbqmj
  • marvi_memon Check this mktg out, of incredible india yfrog.com/h2j5lmrjj
  • marvi_memon Can lahoris c the mall in this snap? yfrog.com/h887599891j
  • marvi_memon bit.ly/t2plRh
  • marvi_memon The only shoppin I wish to do in india to understand better to connect n resolve faster yfrog.com/gyyy7nfoj
  • marvi_memon Need indian perspectives so ur suggestions r welcome
  • marvi_memon We are at khan mkt
  • marvi_memon Wth indian lawyers who say we hav 3 type of politicians: corrupt inefficient corrupt efficient n honest(extinct)
  • marvi_memon Her take on hina khar’s visit. 10/10 for dress sense n nothin beyond. Light weight. Same on indian counterpart
    • majorlyprofound “@marvi_memon (Indian Lawyer’s) take on hina khar’s visit. 10/10 for dress sense n nothin beyond.” Meeeoowwww!! Is that a paw with a claw?
  • marvi_memon Challenging state to use pvt vigilant groups to deal wth maoist Counterinsurgency. The lawyer’s win in SC. Fascinatin Young leaders of india
  • marvi_memon “Worlds Apart Together: Shared Values for an Asia-Pacific Community.” 150 young leaders from 30 countries- 6th year running- class of 2011
    • majorlyprofound Met with Hurriyat Delegates, who insisted on talking about money. I raised the Cashmere issue & said no money without Cashmere #YindiaVisit
    • majorlyprofound As I teeted before, THE must-see phor every foreign dignitary visiting Yindia is the Hurriyat delegashun. And oh, the Taj Mahal #YindiaVisit
    • majorlyprofound Got a calendar from Hurriyat Grandpa. He seems to have several. #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon quotes from reading list coming up…
  • marvi_memon Asia v dependent on demand from rich countries.Investment remains far below levels scaled before the 1997crisis, except in China India.
  • marvi_memon policy makers are drawing increasing attention to another shortcoming of Asia’s export- oriented growth model: inequality.
  • marvi_memon Disquiet over a widening gap between the haves and the have-nots is factor in election results
  • marvi_memon Countries realize that inequality is contributing to social tensions and lost opportunities
  • marvi_memon “inclusive” growth is critical to the credibility of market-oriented reform and long-term development.
  • marvi_memon percapitaincomes stall bec countries fail2graduate fromreliance on resources and cheap labor to growth based on innovation and productivity.
  • marvi_memon If it avoids trap,Asia wld account4half of world output by 2050, up from 27 % now; if it fails, the proportion will be about 32 percent
  • marvi_memon policy decisions now2reduce inequity, increase basic education, address issues of governance and corruption,have strong regional integration
  • marvi_memon quotes on demographcs: all across Asia, the number of people age 65 and above is expected to grow dramatically over the next 50 year
  • marvi_memon In most countries of Asia, as in the rest of the world, older women outnumber older men, particularly in the oldest age groups.
  • marvi_memon With economic development, workers everywhere in the world tend to retire at younger ages
  • marvi_memon Efforts to assure adequate support for Asia’s expanding elderly population focus on four approaches.
  • marvi_memon (1) policies and program that enhance tra- ditional Asian systems of family support;
  • marvi_memon (2) policy reform that encourages the elderly who are still capable to remain in the work force;
  • marvi_memon (3) institutions systems that support high personal saving; (4) public programs, including pension schemes and national healthcare systems.
  • marvi_memon does electoral democracy boost economic equality?
  • marvi_memon inequality of?physical strength, political rights, wealth, income, or even qualities that are only indirectly observable, such as ambition.
  • marvi_memon not quote but i feel… if we need to be the resolution team vs the cosmetic resolution team we truly need to spend more time understanding
  • marvi_memon back to quotes…
  • marvi_memon Democracy “is a system of governance in which rulers are held accountable for their actions in the public realm by citizens,
  • marvi_memon public policies more often reflect the preferences of the wealthy than those of the average voter.
  • marvi_memon linked economic inequality to decreased elec- toral turnout, depressed political engagement, and higher rates of crime, including homicide.
  • marvi_memon @asadliaqat reading n sharing. If its pointless to u then u hav a choice in life unfollow. One of only politicians who actually share wth u
  • marvi_memon my thought…if only human rights violations wld end in kashmir-if only kashmir was to be given sd..india pak wld show the world…
  • marvi_memon Economic inequality does not correlate in any simple way with coups, and it does not correlate in any simple way with populism either.
  • marvi_memon @magic2ouch i am thinking of the region- collaboration in the region wld make my marooara (my people) less poor-my responsibility is to them
  • marvi_memon end of reading quotes…ok the inaugural session is about to start in half an hour
  • marvi_memon About to start yfrog.com/kjrtvvnj
  • marvi_memon Desai prez asia society speakin abt r leadership role to make movement for asia coming together. R century
  • marvi_memon 3 dimensional american engagemnt wth asia.
  • marvi_memon Jamie metzl: network achievmnts. White paper on apec women leadership done. Afghan 21 done recently wp on how afg shld move fwd.
  • marvi_memon Intl campaign for r individual goals.
  • marvi_memon India chapter prez: asia 21 gud bridge to reach out to rest of asia. Excitin time2b in india contentious issue on judiciary/media/civil soc/
  • marvi_memon Key note speaker. An indian MP being introduced
  • marvi_memon @DalaiLama msg for us being read:if we create probs we can end them. Youth resp to make world pcful place thru shared values. All r same
  • marvi_memon Resurgence of asia well underway-india was inward now opposite
  • marvi_memon Last year india asean trade grew 30pcnt.
  • marvi_memon Multiple agents of growth in world includin 2 in asia china and india
  • marvi_memon Where there is trade there is leSs conflict. He says!
  • marvi_memon @Panda_Jay let’s deal wth the tough issues like kashmir so progress is more meanigful before we talk of trade as a respect2lives lost there
  • marvi_memon I askd my question abt. Shldnt younger leadership hav the courage to deal wth contentious issues first. His response was predictabl
  • marvi_memon Language bill- gujrati is r table. Its theme based yfrog.com/g0n69jj
  • marvi_memon Nepal 2 delegates on r team. Their politics being discussed. Influence of india n china
  • marvi_memon Indian classical dance being shown to us aftr dinner
    • majorlyprofound Despite prodding many times, nobody accuses the army of trying to conduct a coup. Always thought govt which do should resign. #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon my thought…if only human rights violations wld end in kashmir-if only kashmir was to be given sd..india pak wld show the world…
    • majorlyprofound If only Cashmere were solved … If only. We can move to lesser issues like junagarh and Hyderabad. #YindiaVisit
    • majorlyprofound “@marvi_memon ..india pak wld show the world…” Hopefully show something which is not in PTA Ban list.
    • majorlyprofound Signs of second-class citizenship treatment everywhere: Warmer as you go down south in Yindia, freezing cold in Cashmere. #YindiaVisit
    • majorlyprofound Raised Cashmere issue again. These people are not at all ready to talk about it. Instead the waiter asks me what I want to eat. #YindiaVisit
  • marvi_memon Odessy yfrog.com/h7mmunkj
  • marvi_memon Drum activity was in progress as group activity to make team

and the  voyage continue… follow them on twitter…


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    • Thanks… @majorlyprofound is truly amazing on twitter and his blog is too good too, follow him if you are there.

      • Yeah, I do, actually. And I’m so curious as to who he/she really is. And whether their actually is a fourth cousin 😛

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