If we can get over with our sorrow and pain why cant we get over our outrage & hatred

If we can get over with our sorrow and pain why cant we get over our outrage & hatred.

Why it is so hard for us to let go of negative emotions. Just few days back I saw two person fighting in the cinema hall, both were there with other family members, who were trying to control their temper and cool things down, but these two guys were just could not stop their verbal diarrhea and  ruined a nice family outing.

This morning while on my way to office, when I saw a crowd gathering on the side of the road, I feared something bad must have happened. Death, darkness, passing away, a flame extinguished, no more being there…. its relevant for us only with a context now-a-days, or maybe that has always been the case for us humans. Mourning for the dead has a direct relationship with how closely we are associated with the person who died. Of course we all experience a part of us dying every day as we grow old and see the changing world around us. But the death of someone we love is something which will have a huge impact on us, it may leave pain & sadness inside us for years to come. Death of an immediate relative or a friend may leave a vacuum in our life and we will keep missing them for months if not years… and will feel the pain whenever we remember them or see things around us which reminds us of them.

Death of public personalities, celebrities or otherwise, has one big shock value, the day/ dayafter it happens, and then it just passes away, we only remember them once or twice in the year, on their Death/Birth anniversaries.

The deaths due to disasters or calamities – natural  (Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Typhoon, etc.) or man made (accidents, terror attacks, wars, etc.) triggers an intense feeling of outrage against the perpetrators even more stronger than the sympathies we feel for the ones impacted by it. The fear is there because we know that it could have happened to us or someone close to us. The feeling of outrage/hatred leaves a long lasting impact, sometime impacting our beliefs. It may also trigger some proactive actions to safeguard self, family, community or even country. But those who lost their life generally end up being just a number, statistics/data/trend – aggregation/comparison with the past data and yes the benchmark for future outrage. But there are not much feelings for those who have gone away – since we do not know their faces, we do now know their life, we are not impacted by the loss. Sometime a heart wrenching story comes out of it and we can relate to it, may remember it for a while before we move on.

When I saw the dead body of a middle aged man who died in a fatal accident this morning, I felt a strange kind of pain. I do not know that person, I will never know him now. All I know is that he was riding a bike, got hit by a car and died. There were few vehicles, people around him who stopped, made calls to the ambulance service & police, then moved on to attend to their business for the rest of the day.  I am not sure how many of us would remember the face of this guy by end of the day today, we may remember the accident when we cross that site tomorrow but within a few days even the site would fail to extract any response from us. We would just move on.

Life goes on…. humans are as dispensable as the chicken who died for our burger. All forms of life are dispensable. One who is born must also die one day, there is no need for long term sorrow or grief. How we deal with the death is something personal, we are dealing with our own emotions, our own state of mind, our own fears. The person who died has already moved on…

Why dont we realize that it is our outrage & hatred which is fueling sorrow & pain in others life, and as the cycle keeps moving, results in more sorrow & pain in our own life.

Surely there is a simple logic in the saying ‘An Eye for An Eye Makes the Whole World Blind’. Why is it so hard to comprehend, and even harder to follow. Why does the feeling of revenge gets the better of us. Is this the animal instinct in us human beings which will never go away. Is this the trigger of self destruction which will one day annihilate the whole world.

I dont think it is possible for any of us to just let it go, being paranoid is the normal feeling for many of us today across the globe.

Hindus wont let go of the feeling of insecurities – being invaded by Muslims, Britishers, Portuguese, etc.  centuries ago – we will not blame our own weakness which made it possible for the outsiders to do that. Muslims will continue to isolate themselves under the intense feeling of being persecuted & oppressed by every one around them – the non-Muslims as well as the Muslims who are in power. Christian will continue to carry the cross of the one responsible to enlighten and lead the world.

Western world (America, Australia, Western Europe) will continue to fight against the extremist who do not like their way of life and are planning to destroy them.  Middle east will continue to look at everyone with suspicion, and the fear of returning back to the sad & dark days, once they run out of Petrol/Gas. China, Russia, Eastern Europe do  not trust anyone… nor they are the trust worthy friends of others. While Africa continue to get exploited without have any voice in the global arena, the Asian countries have no choice but to go with Devil or the Deep Sea (Red China or Blue USA – guessing who is devil and who is the deep blue sea is a hazardous proposition since both have people who are very much capable of becoming either depending on the need of the hour).

Happiness has a huge premium these days, its a scare commodity, outrage is so cheap and easily available.

So is there any solution?

I think there will be a solution, don’t know what it will be, but I am very sure that it could start with taking a deep breath and letting it go.

Let go of the feeling of being prosecuted, let go the feeling of being oppressed, let go the feeling of being exploited or abused. Let go the baggage of past, let go the fears arising out of huge expectations of tomorrow.

Live for the day, as you may never know, when is it your turn to die….

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