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National Food Security Bill 2011

“Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat forever”


I have no doubt that the objectives of the National Food Security Bill 2011 are very noble, who would disagree with the aim of ensuring no-one sleeps hungry in India. No one can disagree that India can truly shine when the whole population gets to share the fruits of economic development.

But I have serious doubts on the intentions of the people at NAC who have drafted this bill, and the hidden agenda that they may be carrying. I am sure these people are very well qualified and it can not be just their ignorance which is blinding them to the impact this bill in the present form. Sample this,

1. Take-home ration, freshly cooked meals during and 6 months after the pregancy along with maternity benefit (Rs.1,000/- per month) for 6 months

  • Complete silence on the number of babies the family may already have – In a country just behind China in terms of Population, what is the aim of such a scheme – pushing for one more population boom to overtake China as soon as possible.
  • Making ‘producing babies’ a cottage industry : dont bother about the future of the kids, just produce them as Govt. of India is there to take care of them – and yes you will get a 1000 stipend while you are waiting to be ready for the next one.
  • Making the future generation of Indian begger even before they are born, ensuring there is no motivation for them to work hard and improve their life by their own efforts. Why would they do it when you are providing them just enough to sustain the life from pregnancy to the day when the die. And to top it all, providing a incentive to the family if one of them dies of starvation.

Have you guys truly lost your mind to think of such a evil scheme.

The MGNREGA is already creating a havoc in the Rural areas, and with this new plan, we are really sealing the future of growth in Rural India. This may surely bring a lot of job opportunities for the people who have designed the scheme – by way of creating a huge Sarkari system of running this program. As well as enough opportunities for the middlemen to make money and never let the intended benefit reach the truly needy people.

The poors, the destitutes, the underprevildged, call them whatever you want, they do not want your mercy, they do not want to depend on your alms, please trust me as I too have spent my childhood in similar circumstances. All they want is an opportunity to make their future a better one. Provide them this opportunity to live with their honor intact, as thats the only thing that they have. If you take even this away and in return promise them a free meal for as long as they live, you are not taking India forward in this 21st century, you are taking the country back to the dark ages. Make them a part of the system which is growing, dont make them dependent on others.


What needs to be done is to improve the infrastructure – both in Rural and Urban areas – Indian people across the country are smart enough, hard working enough to earn their own livelyhood and improve their future. They dont want to be dependent on anybody.


Teach the people how to fish, or at least provide an opportunity for them to fish, rest they will do on their own.



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